Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pedal Car Update and Our Day Yesterday

Chad has been clipping right along with the pedal car. On his vacation he started sanding off the paint and spraying a primer on it. Here is how it looks now....

We are so excited. And I decided that we will do the Fire Truck after all. It is just so cool.

Yesterday was Chad's day off which was nice. I worked and he got quite a bit of homework done. The girls were good too letting us get things done. We did have one incident though.

Doesn't she look so sweet? Well I knew was in trouble after all of the "music" I heard coming from her during her nap. She woke up very happy and I rolled her over to pick her up and...
Oh's Chad turn right? Its OK Lyds we still think your cute.
After I finished work we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Millers for swimming! Sophie's new favorite thing to do is take pictures here is some she took on the way...

If anyone wants to book her for a photo shoot just let me know. She works for fruit snacks.

Once we got to the pool we realized it is still too cold. But that didn't stop Sophie...

Chad did brave the water up to his waist and e finally had to take her out since she was shivering. Lydia and I were smart and stayed away.
It was nice to be able to spend time with my parents. Thanks for letting us crash your house Mom and Dad We Love You!


  1. soFUN!!! Umm sophie we need family pictures taken, and the price of fruit snacks is sounding a lot cheaper then the quotes Im getting!!! :)

  2. Totally affordable! Oh Lydia is so cute, "music" and all!

  3. Sweet a fire truck!! Lydia has changed so much since I have seen her.....she looks so adorable in the sleeping pic!