Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas is in the Garage!

So the night after thanksgiving Sophie came to me all excited. "Mom can we put up Christmas? Its in the garage!!" She has been waiting all year for Christmas. She was in tears as I took the Christmas tree last year and put it in the garage. But now she is one happy girl.
Sophie just loved putting all of the ornaments on the tree. Lydia was much more interested in taking off the ornaments and trying to put them on as necklaces or eating them...

Sophie loved putting all the decorations out and was wondering why there wasn't more. She set up her nativity all by herself...

I thought it was so cute how she placed everyone....
I am sure this is how it really was. All of them circled around in awe at Baby Jesus who would atone for all of our sins. Instead of the usual half circle. I think this is my favorite nativity this year.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Allergies and Dilemas

Sophie as had dry skin and eczema since they day she was born. She has also had and grown out of several food allergies. It was a lot of testing foods, breaking out in hives, itching, and crying. We took her to a allergist when she was just over a year old so we could know exactly what she was allergic to so we didn't have to put her through that anymore. But come to find out it would take a lot of blood draws since they can not do skin scratch tests until age 3.
Her skin is always dry but she goes through spurts of being just dry to dry with red itchy eczema rashes everywhere. So her pediatrician was concerned that something she was eating was causing it. So off to the allergyist we went. I was so worried it was going to be all dairy. She LOVES cheese I would feel so bad telling her she cant have it anymore. Come to find out she has grown out of her food allergys! but since she hasnt had milk she is now lactose intolerant. But she could still eat cheese and yogurt since it doesnt bother her.
But then came the bad news that i wasnt even worried about because i thought for sure that wasnt it..... she is allergic too....

No really she is very allergic to the cat among other things like mesquite trees and tumbleweeds. Hmmm i think we need to get out of the desert....
So this has been my dilema. I jumped back and forth between keeping him because I have had him for 11 years and he is like family. And giving him away. But who wants an 11 year old cat? So after nightmares of giving him away and Sophie hysterically crying because Karl is gone and researching cat dander. I finally have decided my answer. There is no point in getting rid of him now because his dander can stay in the carpeting for several years and we only plan on being in this house until Chad is done with school.
So Karl is getting lots of regular baths, I am going to be vaccuuming....a lot, and Sophie's room is off limits for Karl.
But once we move I am going to have to cross that bridge and find Karl a new home. It just isnt fair to Sophie to itch like that. I do not want to bring his dander into a new house.
The allergyst also gave me some tips to help kepp her moisture barrier in her skin. Although it is a little hard restricting her to only 10 to 20 minutes baths, making her wear damp pjs for at least an hour before bed, and putting lotion on her before and after damp pjs. It has been so worth it. She has baby soft skin and that has NEVER happened. And she is one happy girl because she doesnt itch as much!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kids Say the Funniest Things

Sophie has been saying some really funny things lately and I decided I should start writing them down.

The other day I was in the kitchen and she walks in and says:
"Mom whats your problem?"
"I don't have a problem. Whats YOUR problem?"
"I don't have a problem!"
Then she happily prances out of the kitchen.

Chad was playing with her and she says:
"Daddy we need to talk about something" (this what we say to her when we after she comes out of a time out)
"Oh what do we need to talk about Sophie?"

Yesterday she was talking on her toy phone like always and says:
"Hello Prince? Where you at?....Oh your at the castle?.....But Princess Sophie is at home! I am waiting for you!....You have to hurry before Strawberry Shortcake kisses you!"

These are their new christmas dresses! Thanks Grandma Clayton!

Lydia has gotten pretty silly too...

We were playing cards with Grandma Clayton and she looked at the cards and then looked at me shook her finger at me and said "uh uh"
"That's right Lydia uh uh don't touch"
She then proceeded to smile and touch the cards. I have a feeling shes going to be trouble.

Her favorite thing to do is give hi fives. Shes pretty proud of herself...