Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fun with the Oklahomans

Alex and Kimberly came to visit from Oklahoma. It was so fun to spend time with them we had a blast. We went to see the Biosphere 2 which we have never gone to before.

It was cool to see all of the different environment they have created inside. My favorite was the jungle.


Our tour guide was kind of monotone but it was still interesting to learn about how scientists lived in there for 2 years straight.

There was a long hallway we walked through that was crazy windy! Poor William didn't like that part too much but he was a trooper.

They had a screen that showed body heat that the kids thought was fun. Sophie still talks about how Aunt Kimberly has a cold nose because her nose was very blue on the screen!

It was cool to see one of the wonders of the world.

Alex bought us concert tickets to see Celtic Woman. This was completely amazingly awesome. The musicians and singers were incredible and they had a bagpiper there that was my favorite!

The kiddos were excited to hangout at Aunt Sarah's and play!

Friday, June 10, 2016

William is 6 Months Old

My baby is growing up and is already a half a year old! This is my favorite age. His little personality is coming out and he is giggling a lot more. He especially loves to play with his feet.

He rolls around now so he is never in the spot you leave him. He can even scoot using his toes and dragging his face on the floor. Probably not the most comfortable movement.

He still loves his jumper and has figured out how to turn the seat now. He also loves to play with the bag of wipes since it makes a fun noise and ended up snuggling with it the other day.

He got to swing at the park for the first time and thought that was amazing.

He also got to go swimming which he absolutely loved. He just kept kicking like crazy and smiling.

He is such a chill kid and is just happy to hang around.

He still loves his food of course. And if you are eating something he thinks he has to eat too.

We pulled out Chad's baby clothes and put William in them. This outfit was made by Grandma Clayton for Chad and now the Hawk is modeling it.

We love our William. Happy 6 months little man!

Beginning of Summer Fun

Sophie is now moving onto second grade. Next year we will be moving to a different school so Lydia can have all day kindergarten. Sophie was pretty teary the last day leaving her school and amazing teacher she was lucky enough to have for 2 years.

To celebrate the last day of school we took the kids bowling.

 Easton discovered the air blowing out of the bowling ball stand and was totally entertained by it.

We also went camping because we just had to try out our teardrop trailer Chad and his Dad have been building for two years!

Chad and Easton slept nice and cozy in there. Since it doesn't fit a family of six we are going to have to take turns. We camped at Rose Lake and had fun spending time up in the mountains.

It was nice to get away from the hot weather and cool off. The kids had a blast collecting pine cones and making smores. We now need to go on more camping adventures with our new fun trailer!