Tuesday, April 23, 2019


The kids had two weeks off of school for spring break. We went miniature golfing.

It was the first time that we have gone and all of the kids have a enjoyed it. William did much better then we thought he would and had a blast getting the ball in the whole by any means necessary haha.

We also played at the park a lot.

One day we had a picnic with Aunt Sarah, Jackson and Gavin and then went to the fire station to visit Uncle Jeff.

The girls had baking lessons with Grandma Miller and made cinnamon rolls! They were delicious!!

Grandma and Grandpa Miller provided some more entertainment for the boys by donating a cardboard box! They were so excited they slept in it.

Grandpa Clayton took Chad and the boys to a monster truck show. They loved it and William fell asleep part way through, but he insists he stayed awake for the whole show! Grandma Clayton made the boys some cute bags to hold their ear muffs.

William loves his so much he has to wear them every time we use the blender.

Sophie earned a trophy at school for excelling in all of her AZMerit subjects!

The kids were so excited to have cousins visit from Idaho! They hajd a sleep over and just had so much fun spending time together.