Thursday, September 26, 2013

Playing Catch Up

I have a hard time keeping up with my blog while school is going on so I am a bit behind. But here is a little catch up on the Clayton household.

Last week we took Chad out to Grimaldis for his Birthday dinner. If you sign up for their email club they send you a coupon for free pizza on your birthday. We have never been and really enjoyed it. The girls got to play with dough while we waited..

And Easton thoroughly enjoyed his pizza crust. He flipped out when we took it from him.

We went on a field trip with Sophie's preschool class to the sheriffs office. They learned about safety and 911. The Sherriff gave us a tour of the station and the kids liked looking at the pictures of the bad guys on the wall. He informed them that we should call 911 if they see any of them but we explained that they need to make sure to ask mom or dad first. I can just see Sophie blurting out that someone at the store is a bad guy and we need to call 911.

The kid's favorite part was the car of course. They all got to sit in it and wear his vest...

Sophie also got her new afghan from Grandma Miller! It was exactly what she wanted...

She loves it and is pretty excited about it. Speaking of excited Chad got a new toy for his birthday....

A crossbow! He is beyond excited about it and it took us probably 30 minutes to string it so he could shoot it. Its a 150 lbs bow and you have to bend the arm back pretty far to string it. It took multiple attempts and Chad was shaking by the end but he was determined and he did it. And of course had to shoot it....

Ended up the sights are way off on it...Curious on how powerful this thing is? This will give you an idea.....

It took both of our muscle to get it out. Sorry garbage can. The next shot hit the wall and snapped the arrow completely in half. In the words of Chad "That was AWESOME!"

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

5 Months Old

Easton is 5 months old today! Really crazy to think that he is that old already. He is our happy little man who just loves life. He rolls all over the place now and has ended up under my desk when I work a few times. He has also gotten up on all fours multiple times. No not yet Easton!!!

At first he was not a fan of cereal. But now he can't get enough of it...
We went camping with our ward on Chad's birthday. It was nice to be up in the cool mountains and the girls loved every minute of it. Easton loved it too and slept like a champ.
He is starting to make more noises and last night he was petting the couch and talking to it. We thought it was pretty funny.

Happy 5 months Easton the Roc!!!!


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Madera Canyon

On Labor Day Brad and Becca invited us on a hike in Madera Canyon. We have never been there before and we really enjoyed it. The kids had fun hiking and we went pretty far. The girls lasted much longer than I thought they would.

We saw a buck which was pretty cool and Easton was a little champ just chillin in his carrier. We had a picnic lunch after and enjoyed the nice weather. I thought after Sophie's last experience in nature (she broke out in hives and threw up) she would not want to go. But they loved "hiking the mountain" Lydia was so funny she was so concerned of falling off of the mountain. She had a map too and would stop and look at the map every minute to make sure we weren't lost.

Lydia did get tired though and started to fall asleep in Mikes arms. But once I gave her a couple of pieces of candy she practically skipped all the way back.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Golf and Football

A few weeks ago we went to a thrift store just because we were bored. Chad found some golf clubs and we decided to buy some and go to the driving range. It is fun to just hit the balls as hard as you can...assuming we actually hit the ball haha. The girls think it is a lot of fun and are always asking to go golfing. We went again last Friday and drove over in Eleanor.

Lydia prefers to hit the ball one handed...

Easton discovered grass and was completely fascinated by it...


Saturday was the first Boise State game! We were feeling kind of sad now that we don't have cable so Chad and Sophie watched a little football online. When Chad needed to get in the shower Sophie asked if she could keep watching. She loves football.

She was telling the players what to do and drawing the plays on a piece of paper. She would point at the guy who caught the ball and say "Go go go!"

We all got ready for the BSU game....

For some reason Lydia insisted her jersey went under her t-shirt. 

My parents were nice enough to let us bombard their house and watch the first half with them before we need to put kids to bed. We had a yummy dinner and made ice cream. It was a lot of fun but sadly Boise didn't play so well. Lets hope they do better this week!