Thursday, July 14, 2016

Clayton Family Reunion

We headed up to Idaho a few weeks ago for the Clayton Family Reunion. Grandma Clayton braved the long car ride with me and the kiddos. The little Hawk did better than expected so it wasn't too bad. On the first day poor William cried for probably an hour straight. He all the sudden stopped and kept saying "dada dada" but then started to scream louder because Dad didn't come and save him. But happy to say he did better after that. I guess he figured he was stuck.

We stopped at an amazing park in Kanab to let the kids run.

The kids wanted to stay there forever.

The adult dinner Friday night was so fun with lots of games to play. The kids had a blast at Aunt Mel and Uncle Scott's house. Easton had a little too much fun playing with his cousins and didn't drink enough water throughout the day that he was sick with dehydration on Saturday. So I stayed at the hotel with him till he got feeling better.

Chad and the girls had fun riding in the cars!

 Chad came and picked us up later in the Blue Eleanor! It was Easton's dream come true seeing that car pull up. He is kind of obsessed with it.

  William also enjoyed the freedom of Model A's

We had a totally fun pinewood derby race which I am a slacker and didn't get any pictures of. Our cars did pretty well too! Way better than our usual last place haha.

Then it was the moment Easton has been dreaming, begging, and patiently waiting for for a year The MAN Trip!

This year  the little men got to go too! Easton had so much fun with his Dad driving in his favorite cars in the world for 5 days!

And ride in the Blue Eleanor of course.

While the men played so did the girls! We all headed to the cemetery and put  flowers on lots  of loved ones graves like Great Grandma and Grandpa Carico.

Then we headed to Aimee's house where there was lots of crafts, laughter, shopping and fun! This is the only picture I took. Apparently we were having way too much fun to take any more haha.

When the men came back Mom and Dad were awesome and watched the kids so we could go to the temple for our 9 year anniversary. We also went  to the cutest little chocolate shop and enjoyed volcano sodas!

We went to a Fourth of July breakfast and the kids got to ride in the back of Winston.

We ended our trip at Shoshone falls and swam in  the snake river. We also jumped off of a 20 foot cliff!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

William 7 Months

William is now 7 months old. He is such a little goofball and has started this silly face.

He has started to babble all the time now like he has just realized he has a voice. He even says "Dada" as with all of our children's first words. He only says it when Chad is home too.

He is getting very close to crawling. He gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. His legs move but he gets so frustrated at his hands that wont move.

He loves swimming in Grandma Miller's pool and even tried out his own personal pool.

He is really funny about food. He went from he couldn't care less about food at all to he wants it all the time. He especially enjoys when his siblings share their french frys.

Or when his Aunt Kimberly shares popcicles!

And it didn't take him long to decide finger foods are way better than pureed.

He is growing up so fast we can hardly keep up. Happy 7 months William!