Friday, February 1, 2019


On new years day the kids were so excited to wake up to snow!!! We had to get creative with gloves since well....we don't own any. But socks covered in ziplock bags work just fine for Arizona snow.

Easton was so excited to make an Olaf snowman!

The snow mostly melted mid day and we went back to our normal lives. Then we woke up the next morning and had twice the amount of snow!!!!

William was not thrilled when he woke up a second time to snow. He says its too cold and stayed inside while the other kiddos played all day in it. Arizona boy....

Grandma Miller made Lydia's GORGEOUS baptism dress and we thought it would be perfect to take pictures in the snow!

Lydia was baptized on January 12th

Grandma Clayton made a BEAUTIFUL quilt in Lydia's favorite color!

William is officially a sunbeam! He was very worried not going to nursery but ended up loving his new class!

We went to a transportation event and the kids got to see firetrucks, tractors, electrical trucks, ponies, garbage trucks and more!

We went to go on a hike and our van acted up so I took the kids on an adventure in the wash by Grandma's house while Chad worked on the van.  They loved climbing all over the rocks and dirt piles.