Tuesday, June 13, 2017

10 Year Re-Moon

On June 30th it will be Chad and my 10 year anniversary. Chads parents were awesome and took all four of our kiddos for a week so we can go on a re-moon! We took our teardrop trailer and headed to Flagstaff Az. The weather was beautiful and it was so much fun camping and enjoying nature.

We went to Flagstaff Xtreme which is a high ropes course. We had a blast getting through all of the obstacles and ziplines.

We also checked out The Flagstaff Aquaplex and some nice locals taught us how to play pickelball. We had so much fun we ended up playing for 3 hours! And they had a cool rockwall that we climbed. We found a tennis court in the middle of the gorgeous forest and worked on our boomerang skills. We walked around downtown and enjoyed the shops and enjoyed the local food.

One day we went to explore a lava tube cave that is about a mile long.

It was so nice and cool down there and it was my first cave i have gotten to explore.

Another day we went to Walnut canyon.

We got to explore ancient cliff dwellings.

It was amazing how a whole community lived so high in the cliffs and raised their families.

On the last day we checked out the Lowell Observatory where Pluto was discovered. 

We learned about the sun and got to look at it through a telescope. We also went back in the evening so we could look at the stars. They showed us a binary star through the telescope and learned that most stars are binary and no planets can survive around binary stars which is fascinating. We also got to look at the moon on the same telescope the Neil Armstrong used before he went to the moon. 

Our favorite part was getting to see Jupiter. You could see the swirls on Jupiter and it's four moons.

We had so much fun on our re-moon and I am so excited for the rest of eternity with this awesome guy!


Lydia Graduates Kindergarten

Last month Lydia graduated from Kindergarten. She did so well at school and loved playing with friends, having hot lunch, and learning to read.

They sang some really cute songs about how much they love all the different family members that help them like aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, moms and dads.

Her teacher Mrs. Halvorson handed out their little diplomas and now she is on to first grade!

She has grown so much this last year we are proud of our Lydia Bugs!