Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No Fear

This kid has no fear of water...

She runs to the deep end and puts her face in the water and giggles. I really have to keep an eye on the little dare devil. She even likes to jump in the pool.

We go swimming pretty much every Friday at Grandma's house. They love it and we usually have to drag them out of the water.

I cant for their swimming lessons next month. I know they will love it!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Book of Mormon Journey

My creative sister in law came up with a great idea for her kids during the summer to learn the stories from the Book of Mormon. She was nice enough to share it with all of us and my girls love it!

One of their favorites was learning about the Brother of Jared building boats so they could cross the sea to get to the promised land. Her instructions had us making boats out of walnut shells which were totally cute but we didn't have any so we improvised. My girls are big into coloring so Chad had the great idea to use paper bowels so their boats were "tight as a dish."

They loved playing with them. Sophie's quickly turned into a ship crossing the Never Sea...and then they turned into hats...

One of their other favorites was learning about Lehi and his family leaving Jerusalem and pitching their tents. The plan was to make a fort and that they could sleep in for the night, but I didn't quite trust Lydia with sleeping out of her crib quite yet. So we turned their whole room into a tent...

They were excited to help...

They had fun and we all still had a good nights sleep :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Solar Eclipse

Yesterday we got to check out the solar eclipse before the girls went to bed. Sophie was pretty excited. She ran and grabbed her binoculars. We had to explain to her that we could not look directly at the sun.

Lydia didn't really care much. She was more excited about being outside than staring at a piece of paper....

It was really cool how dim the sun was during it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mothers Day

We had a good Mothers Day at our house. A few days before Chad told me for Mothers day that I get to pick out whatever tree I want for our backyard! So we headed to Home Depot. Here is our trip from Sophie's perspective...

I ended up falling in love with these really cool plants for our planter boxes instead. But we need to get some dirt to fill the boxes first so we didn't end up buying them yet.

My wonderful husband made me a yummy breakfast Mothers Day even though his not so wonderful wife forgot to set the alarm. Oops. Although it did feel good to sleep in :)

It was Sophie's first time being able to go up and sing in church. She was so excited that she practically ran up there and was the first one up. And she did a great job!

Then we visited both Grandmas and gave them the gifts the girls helped me make...

Personal bookmarks for their scriptures. I saw this idea on pinterest and thought it was so cute.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ms. Posey

Lydia has started posing for the camera.

It's like she knows she is cute or something...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chad's Bucket List

Here is Chad's list of things to do before he "kicks the bucket"...

- Build a Stagecoach or Wagon

- Kite Boarding

- Have a Garden (we are attempting)

- Build a House/Cabin

- Snowboarding

- Rebuild an Engine

- Go Backpacking

- Rebuild a Fire Truck

- Restock a Gun

- Go for a Drive

- Library Card

- Read to Sophie

- Do Mosaics

- Lathe Work

- Stain Glass

- Pottery

- Make Paper

- Camping

- Pick from an Orchard

- Build a Boat

- Photography

- Volunteer

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Bucket List

When Sophie was little Chad and I made bucket lists just for fun. So I thought I would share mine...

- Go rock climbing

- Visit Palmyra

- Hike Piccacho Peak

- Ride in a hot air balloon

- Go down a river in a inner tube

- Go on a cruise

- Do a session at the Oakland, Nauvoo, and Salt Lake Temple

- Observatory Dinner

- Make a Gingerbread House

- Go Scuba diving

- Stay at a fancy resort

- Go to Disney World


- Go through a corn maze

- Swim with dolphins

- Go ice blocking

- Snowboard

- Go on a trip overseas to Scotland and Europe

Go Snowmobiling

- Explore a Cave

- Vacation on a tropical island

- Own a pet shop

- Eat gelato

I will share Chad's tomorrow...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fun Filled Saturday

Saturday we headed to Sahuarita for a fun kids festival they were having. We were originally going to go with Becca and the kids but sadly they got sick.

But the girls had a blast! They had free face painting...

Sophie got a butterfly and Lydia a Princess crown...

They had a kids pool full of bubbles for them to play with...

But it was pretty warm that day so they spent most of the time in the jumping castles since it was nice in the shade...

Then later Grandma Clayton was nice enough to watch the girls for us so Chad and I could go on a date. It was so nice and it has been a long time since we have gone on a date (besides going to the temple). We both had to think for a little before determining it was last year in Boise. We went to dinner and Chad took me to get some yummy gelato. I can now cross that of my bucket list. It was so delicious it wasn't even funny. I am now a big gelato fan. Then we got to end the night at stake conference. Thanks Mom! We definitely appreciate it!