Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Bucket List

When Sophie was little Chad and I made bucket lists just for fun. So I thought I would share mine...

- Go rock climbing

- Visit Palmyra

- Hike Piccacho Peak

- Ride in a hot air balloon

- Go down a river in a inner tube

- Go on a cruise

- Do a session at the Oakland, Nauvoo, and Salt Lake Temple

- Observatory Dinner

- Make a Gingerbread House

- Go Scuba diving

- Stay at a fancy resort

- Go to Disney World


- Go through a corn maze

- Swim with dolphins

- Go ice blocking

- Snowboard

- Go on a trip overseas to Scotland and Europe

Go Snowmobiling

- Explore a Cave

- Vacation on a tropical island

- Own a pet shop

- Eat gelato

I will share Chad's tomorrow...


  1. Didn't you do a session in SLC? Maybe it was just a sealing...Nice list!

    1. We didnt end up getting to do a session in SLC just the sealing. so hopefully we can go back and do one!

  2. Nice list-I think I am going to make me one!! This sounds fun :)

  3. I think you guys should come to Sun valley with us for Christmas so you can both snowboard. it would be awesome!!