Tuesday, September 15, 2015

30 Random Acts of Kindness for Our Favorite 30 year Old!

Since Chad turned 30 years old this year we did something extra special for this awesome man! His parents joined us on Saturday on a mission to perform 30 random acts of kindness! I meant to take a picture of all of them but kept forgetting but here is what we accomplished in 3 hours:

1. Chad spotted a gentleman on the side of the road with a flat tire and helped him out

2. We gave a box of candy to a Fire Station. When the girls gave the firefighter the box, mom told him it was in honor of their father's birthday. When they got back in the car Chad started laughing because he was sure that because of the way mom said it the firefighter thought "their father" was dead. So they were doing random acts of kindness to honor their dead father. haha

3. We also gave candy to the staff at University Medical Center Children's Center

4. We stopped at 2 Police Departments with no luck of finding anyone but Chad spotted some EMT workers parked in a parking lot! I am sure he scared them to death when he jumped out of the car and offered them the candy. They looked pretty apprehensive but then laughed and said thank you when he told them why.

5. Chad gave lollipops to the Boys and Girls Club 

6. We volunteered at Bens Bells

7. Mom donated some money to Bens Bells also

8. Smiled and made eye contact with 5 people

9. We took carts from the parking lot into the store

10. Held a door open for someone

11. Gave a compliment

12. We jumped out and helped a lady unload her groceries into her car

13. Picked up trash

14. We asked the Target cashier what her favorite candy bar was and bought her a Twix

15. We taped positive messages to the bathroom mirror in Target

16. We put quarters in the candy machines at Frys

17. Taped a note that said "You are an awesome Mom!" on the changing tables. 

18. The kids made thank you cards for military that said "Thank you for keeping us safe" I  am kicking myself for not getting a picture of this one. We stopped at Golden Corral and found a WW2 vet eating his dinner and the kids gave it to him. His face totally lit up and he told the kids they were so sweet. 

19. Passed out stickers to kids waiting in line at Target and Frys.

20. The kids put heads up pennies on the sidewalk for kids to find

21. Said hello to everyone we saw for 5 minutes

22. Placed happy notes inside books at Target

23. Gave popcorn to a couple renting a Redbox movie

24. Gave out Hi-Fives to people hanging out in front of the library

25. Left a note of encouragement on a random car

26. Let cars in front of us while we drove. 

27. Handed out lollipops

28. Picked up clothes that were dropped on the floor at Target and hung them back up

29. Left coupons next to items at Frys

30. Parked in the back of the parking lot everywhere we went to leave the front spots for others.

31. Handed out bottles of bubbles

32. Sent a picture "I Love You" text message to a bunch of people we love

Okay so we ended up doing extra since 2 were unplanned but it was a lot of fun. It was funny to see people's reactions. Most of the time they looked at us like crazy people but once we explained what we were doing they would smile and say happy birthday to Chad and say what a great idea it was.

Happy birthday to the best guy ever!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Park, Football, and Quilting

A few weeks ago we took advantage of the nice cool evening and went to the park. The kids had fun playing at one we don't go to often.

We brought their baseball gloves and they love throwing the ball around and the girls are actually getting better at catching it. Easton we finally got him out of the habit of trying to throw the ball from the glove.

Friday was the first Boise State game of the season!!! So of course we had to get all geared up for the game!

And they won!

Sophie wanted to learn how to sew this summer and while I was at girls camp Grandma Clayton helped her make a quilt for her doll. They got the top all sewn together and then this weekend they quilted it. It turned out so cute!!!