Wednesday, May 14, 2014


We finally finished laying all of the tile in our house! We love how it turned out and let me just say with how many crumbs I sweep up everyday our carpet must have been disgusting! Seriously gross.

The program I have been doing for five and a half years for work ended suddenly a few weeks ago. That left me with nothing but an invitation for a new, challenging, involved call program. For this I could not have any interruptions whatsoever. This meant of course no kids in the office while I work. So Chad and I determined I could wake up early and start work at 5 and work for a few hours before he goes to work. Surprisingly it has worked well so far and just working the 2 hours a day as opposed to 6 should cover what I need it to.

This also means that I don't have to work during the day which is very strange to me. The girls are still getting used to it but love that we can play together and they don't have to wait until 2pm to do so. It is all they have known since my first day of working from home was the day before Sophie was born. So we have been having fun spending time together! We have played in the little pool a lot.

We have also gone to the park several times. I have even been able to ride my bike to take Sophie to preschool. She rides her scooter and Lydia and Easton enjoy the ride.

We even went to the zoo and saw the baby lions. Sophie said they were so cute she wanted to take them home.

We were also chased by a peacock who wanted our lunch. We were sitting by the zebras eating sandwiches when a peacock kept creeping closer and closer. I am not sure how friendly they are and Lydia's eyes grew big with fear so I threw a piece of bread far away from us so it would leave. Big mistake. I had the girls quickly jump in the stroller only to be chased all the way to the grizzly bear exhibit before it gave up the chase. I am sure I looked like a crazy person running through the zoo.

We went to the library for preschool yesterday. We enjoyed story-time and the kids got to paint a picture. I was impressed by Lydia's artwork. She painted flowers all by herself...

It is fun to actually get to spend time with my kids during the day. It is going to take awhile to get used too though. I have gotten bored a few times since I am so used to working all day I am not sure how to fill the time. The kids are so used to playing on their own that sometimes they just want to play without me. I am sure when school starts though (both Sophie's and mine) life will get busy again. But for now I am going to enjoy.