Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Book of Mormon Journey

My creative sister in law came up with a great idea for her kids during the summer to learn the stories from the Book of Mormon. She was nice enough to share it with all of us and my girls love it!

One of their favorites was learning about the Brother of Jared building boats so they could cross the sea to get to the promised land. Her instructions had us making boats out of walnut shells which were totally cute but we didn't have any so we improvised. My girls are big into coloring so Chad had the great idea to use paper bowels so their boats were "tight as a dish."

They loved playing with them. Sophie's quickly turned into a ship crossing the Never Sea...and then they turned into hats...

One of their other favorites was learning about Lehi and his family leaving Jerusalem and pitching their tents. The plan was to make a fort and that they could sleep in for the night, but I didn't quite trust Lydia with sleeping out of her crib quite yet. So we turned their whole room into a tent...

They were excited to help...

They had fun and we all still had a good nights sleep :)

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  1. So Fun!!! You are so good to take pictures!!! I think every day that I need to take the time and snap a few pictures and then I don't-Can't wait to do the journey together!!