Monday, March 21, 2016

Zoo, Fun and Milestones

We have been enjoying the zoo recently or what Easton likes to call it "the animal zoo" because apparently there are other types of maybe our house?

They had a blast running around and we actually did the whole zoo which is not not normal. They were also so excited to ride the train outside of the zoo all by themselves.

William is such a good sport at the zoo and just chills in the stroller.

We have started going up to phoenix once a month with Grandma and Grandpa Clayton which is awesome because we get to go to the temple. Last month the kids enjoyed looking at trucks after and Easton has asked a few times since when we are going back to look at trucks.

I took the kids to Old Navy a few weeks ago to get some flip flops because here in Az its already hot. You would have thought I took them to a candy store they thought it was so awesome. They especially loved the dog in the front and it took some convincing to get Easton to leave. He was finally content once he pushed the dog right up next to the little boy manikin. I guess he thought the dog was lonely.

I had to take Easton to the doctor to make sure his last ear infection cleared up okay and the kids were coloring. Easton kept saying "I drew you mom! and I drew Dad!" I figured it was just going to be scribbles but he had actually drawn heads and bodies!

We are all upside down but I was impressed and kind of shocked at how grown up he is getting to be.

I took Lydia to Kindergarten Roundup and we had some time between taking Sophie to school before it started so we played at the park. We had to go to two different school roundups since we are out of district. We have a bit of a school rivalry in the house now as Lydia loved Mesquite and Sophie loves Cottonwood. Should be interesting.

I can't believe she will be starting school in July!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

William 3 Months

Our little Hawk turned 3 months last week!

He is getting really close to giggling and love to stretch out his legs. He will be sitting up and then move those legs of his and slide down. He definitely wants to go places.

He loves playing on his play mat and has gotten good at grabbing and pulling off the toys. 

Easton is so proud of him and tells everyone he is  "his widdle brother"

He has started sleeping through the night! Which I of course love. He is such a sweet baby and we love him so much!!!