Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sophie is 4!

Yesterday was Sophie's 4th Birthday! I cant believe she is getting so big. Saturday we had a party for her and invited some friends from her sunbeam class. Unfortunately it was a crazy busy day for everyone so we ended up with just 2 friends instead of 8, but they had a lot of fun and needless to say got to go home with extra candy :)

Sophie requested a Jake and The Never Land Pirates Party. We had tropical punch, goldfish, graham cracker "planks", and string cheese "swords."

We made cupcakes with gold dablooms. I tried to make it look like the dabloom was on an island.

I made pink bandannas for all the girls to wear so they could look like Izzy from the show:

and I made red ones for the boys to look like Jake. My wonderful husband sported one for the party since none of the boys were able to come...

We played some games. First they did Cannonball float. We had black balloons for cannon balls and they had to keep them in the air or else they would explode...

Then they dug for buried treasure. First they had to walk the "plank" to the treasure...

Dig and find as much treasure as they could carry (ring pops, chocolate coins, and "pixie dust" pixie sticks)

Then they had to walk the plank back and put the treasure into the team treasure chest which I forgot to take a picture of their loot!

They loved digging in the sand (rice) .

Aubrey and Victoria brought her nail polish which she absolutely loves!

And her friend Dalin dropped of a gift for her...

A Tinkerbell sticker book which she says "Is so much better than a coloring book"

Yesterday for her actual Birthday we invited the Grandparents over for dinner and to sing to Sophie. Even Aunt Sarah was able to come!

She requested pumpkin pie to be just like her Dad. Then we opened presents. She got some really cute ABC tiles and a dress up doll from Grandma and Grandpa Clayton!...

And we got her a Doc Mcstuffins doctor bag with tools. She immediately started giving all of her stuffed animals and babies a checkup.

And she still gets to go shopping with Grandma Miller on Thursday! Happy Birthday Miss Sophie!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Lydia's hair has taken a long time to come in as compared with Sophie who had pigtails at 9 months. But I can now officially put her hair into one ponytail!

She loves having her hair done. She will say "Mom I want pigtails Mom!" Although that doesn't mean she keeps them in. We are lucky to get to the car with her hair still intact. But its progress!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gym Halloween Party

Last night we took the girls to the Halloween Party at the gym they play at every Friday. They do this party every year and the girls love it. They were especially excited to finally get to wear their Halloween costumes...

I couldn't get them both to cooperate at the same time for the picture. Lydia is wearing a long hair braid made of yarn I wanted to put it over her shoulder so we could see it in the picture but she was being stubborn.

There were games to play and they won little toys and candy. Just like last year Sophie was insistent on playing the cake walk game and we stood and waited 15 minutes to play...

She ended up winning last year but she came in third this time. We were excited on how well she did all by herself. She was sad when she didn't get a cake though...she thought she won.

Lydia was not so sure of all the games at first. But then she decided they were ok when she was told to pick prizes.

She especially liked when we waited for Sophie to play a lady came up and put a bunch of candy in her bucket just because she is cute.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Moms Happy Birthday Day

Saturday was my wonderful Mother's 60th birthday! We decided to surprise her. So all of us got together and planned a surprise dinner for her. Dad was awesome and took her somewhere to keep her out of the house while we got ready. All of the kids blew up balloons and Nate did an awesome job putting streamers all over the house.

Sarah had a great idea to make a banner for Mom. It just so happened that my Mom has the perfect amount of grand kids that live here to spell out "Happy Birthday." So each kid was in charge of a letter and then we taped them all together. It turned out so cute!

When they got home she was completely surprised...

Lydia picked out her special hat for the night. Dinner was delicious thanks to everyone pitching in! And all of the grand kids gathered around to sing her Happy Birthday...

It was fun night! I am kicking myself now for not taking a picture of her gift from us and Sarah and Jeff.  But just imagine this....

... but on fabric. They are my Grandma's handwritten recipes. We were trying to make them into tes towels for her kitchen out of them but the way it printed I didn't have enough edge room for a hem. So plan b. We are going to attach them like a canvas picture to hang on her wall. I will have to post that when it is done.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pretty Car

Chad"s Grandpa came down from Idaho this last weekend to help get the Station Wagon started! They had no issues starting it.  The girls love the car and were so excited to finally ride in it!!

My parents came over to join in on the fun!

Chad was even daring enough to let me drive his baby...

Okay I will admit it...I killed the car and Grandpa had to walk around the other side of the block to rescue us. He looked at me and joked and said "Give me your patch back!" But it ended up not being all my fault. The timing was off and the choke wasn't turned all the way. Oops. After that it was smooth sailing and the car runs like a dream!

We almost couldn't get the girls out of the car they had such a blast. Every time we would stop Sophie would ask everyone "Who wants to drive next?!!" She also thinks the car is done....um not quite we are missing a few pieces....

But its getting there! They put the roof and visor on Saturday and when the girls and I went out to look at it Lydia said "Oooo pretty car mom. I want to ride in it!!"

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Stylish Children and General Conference

Sophie randomly stopped her phase of having to wear dresses everyday. Which means she picks out her own unique outfits. Her favorites is all of her colorful leggings but I have to remind her to put a skirt or something over it because she just thinks they are pants. This one is my favorite so far...

Luckily we were not going anywhere that day...Then there is Lydia who would just love to live in PJ's....

I asked her if she was exercising and she said "I mickey mouse-ker-cise Mom!"

We watched General Conference this weekend and are very excited to have a Temple in Tucson! It will be so nice not to have to drive two hours! To help the girls listen Grandma Clayton set up pictures of all of the apostles and the first presidency...

Whenever they matched the picture to who was speaking they got to pick a candy. Sophie really got into this. We also had pictures of subjects with candy next to them...

Whenever someone talked about the subject they got to have a candy from that bowl. They didn't do as well with this we kind of had to help them. Sophie did much better on Sunday and found some on her own. Lydia would randomly just walk up and grab a piece. And sometimes it would be the one they were talking about. Most likely it was just a coincidence. She really liked the bowl closest to the toys because she could pretend to play with toys and really be snacking on candy.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Funny Things Sophie Says

Sophie is really excited that I am pregnant and always tells me that she will have a baby in her tummy someday too. And I always tell her "yes but only after what?"
"I get older and I find my Prince!"
"We get married in the temple!"
"Mom? Do you think you can give me a ride to the temple when I get married? ....cause I cant drive"

Today while I was working she came into the office and asked "Mom do you know how to say hello in Chinese?"
"No do you?"
At this point I am thinking what Disney show did she watch that taught her Chinese? "Well how do you say it?"
"Hello in Chinese! Silly"
"Your right Sophie how silly of me"

Monday, October 1, 2012

Pumpkins and the Secret Stash

Last week Chad and I headed to the Temple and the girls got to spend the day with Grandma Clayton. They had a ton of fun and when I asked her how Lydia did she said "she was great" I had to pause and make sure she was talking about my Lydia, you know the one that likes to whine and test the limits.

They did some cute crafts. I forgot to take pictures but they made chocolate Halloween characters on pretzel sticks. And they got some pumpkins. She cut out the faces they picked out in vinyl and they put them on...

Because we live in Arizona you cannot carve your pumpkin until the day before Halloween because it will not last. So when it comes time we will carve them.

A couple of  weeks ago every morning when we would go in to get Lydia she would be eating a vanilla wafer. I laughed and asked her the first morning where she was hiding her stash. She responded with "ummm..." Then I said "Oh is it confidential?" And she said "um yes..." We could not figure out where she was hiding them and she would never tell us. Then this morning when I was cleaning I saw that their car toy needed to be cleaned and I opened the trunk and it was full of vanilla wafer crumbs! It had been in their room the sneaky girl.

I took the car to her and opened the trunk and asked Lydia if that is where she hid her cookies. She looked at me smiled and said "noooooo." Then she looked in the trunk and said "Oh their all gone." Oh Lydia.