Saturday, October 14, 2017

Family Camping Vacation

The kids were on fall break so we decided to take a family vacation to Flagstaff where the weather is much cooler. On the way we stopped and took the kids to Legoland Dicsovery Center in Phoenix.

They loved riding on the rides and Easton and Chad's favorite was the car building and testing area. They were in heaven.

I am not sure who had more fun Chad or the kids. He built them an awesome playhouse.

Then we headed to our beautiful campsite and the kids favorite was the creek! Actual water outside! Not something they are used to in Tucson. They could have played there all day everyday.

We found a chunk of bark that was the perfect boat to float down the creek and catch downstream. We spent hours doing this.

They also were fascinated by all of the fall leaves and had to walk in them every chance they got.

The next day we went to the Lava Tube Cave.

They did so good and made it all the way to the end and back! William shocked us all and walked a majority of the way he thought it was so fun to walk with flashlights.

Then we headed to the Flagstaff Pioneer Museum.

The next way we went to Walnut Canyon to check out the cliff dwellings. The kids Love doing the Junior Ranger Programs at the State and National Parks and on this one they had to count how many stairs down into the canyon. 440! And William the little trooper did all of them.

They all did amazing and we got only one complaint on the way back up the stairs. Lydia was tired but a promise of ice cream and that girl ran back up. She definitely earned that ice cream.

The following day we went to the Aquaplex and went swimming. They had a fun park/splash pad and water slides. The kids had a blast. Afterwards they went rock climbing. Sophie got all the way to the top. Lydia was a fast climber up the wall. And Easton climbed for a really long time and tried several hard courses. He got 3/4 of the way up on one of the medium courses we were so impressed!

To end our trip we visited Montezuma's Well and Castle. They kids did the Ranger programs there and we learned a lot about how they watered their crops using the natural well water that pumps thousands of gallons of water out every day. It was cool the see their irrigation lines still running.

We had a such a great time camping and enjoying the forest we didn't want to come home. We loved learning new things and discovering our kiddos are quite the troopers!

Friday, August 18, 2017

The Past Month

The Pima Air and Space Museum had a activity night for kids that we took our kiddos to. Grandma and Grandpa Clayton were volunteering there so we got to see them too. They had to complete a list of activities and then they earned a prize.

We also took them to a back to school event at the mall hosted by the Tucson Police Department.

They were especially excited about the free candy cane sticks at the candy store.

August 3rd was my Grandpa Miller's 91st Birthday. We all visited him and had cupcakes.

On the 12th we were able to go to the Tucson Temple Cultural Celebration. We got to see Logan, Nate and Brianna perform. Chad was a General and led the kids on and off the field. It was such a great show the kids did an amazing job.

Sophie got to come with Chad and I to the Temple Dedication. She was so excited to come and it was fun to be able to bring her with us.

We had our first scary desert visitor a few weeks ago. We have had a ton of quail, bunnies, road runners, cardinals, great horned owls, and coyote. But this was a Rattlesnake! Yuck!

I feel like William is growing up so fast. He wants so badly to be one of the big kids that he just thinks he is one. He likes to try and dress himself and refuses to drink out of sippy cups. He his constantly pushing a chair over to the counter and climbing up to help himself. The other day he got on the counter, pulled a plate out of the cupboard and placed a large stack of cookies on it. He also thinks he is a great little helper.

Chad was installing a faucet and William would climb up and get a tool for him and climb down and hand it to him. 

Tonight he was building with his blocks and he built a train all by himself. He was so proud!