Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Saturday Morning Hike and Easter

On Saturday Chad woke up early with Easton and Lydia and took them on a hike before conference. They enjoyed a beautiful hike through Cienega Creek.

On Easter morning the kids received flip flops and goggles in their baskets all ready for summer.

The whole family came over to enjoy dinner and a big Easter egg hunt with over 500 eggs!

Since it was also April Fools Day, Bekah had put live crickets and worms in some of the eggs. She had everyone screaming and laughing. Easton loved it and has requested worms and crickets every Easter!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Spring Break

The kids were excited for spring break. Mostly because they wouldn't have to wake up early for school.

We went to the zoo with Aunt Sarah and enjoyed the nice weather.

Afterwards we headed to Chick-Fil-A. They were having a Fairytale Day and if the kids dressed up they received a free meal! The kids loved dressing up and free food was a great bonus!

On Saturday our ward had a Rodeo! It was so much fun! We enjoyed petting animals...

Riding horses..

Rode the mechanical bull

And riding the train!

Lydia and Easton even signed up for mutton bustin. Lydia did great and held on while the sheep ran across the entire arena! She won an award for her performance! Easton was so brave and was technically too small to ride. He did so good though his sheep took a quick turn out of the gate and flung him off. But they both said they would do it again next year!

 We took the kids camping at Chiricahua National Park.

They enjoyed playing in all of the fall leaves. They made a leaf nest and "leaf angels."

We hiked a mile and a half to Faraway Ranch.

On the way we saw some white tail deer.

On the way back we stopped and played in the creek.

We explored the campground and the kids especially liked the "tunnel." They thought it was so cool their voices would echo.

We had so much fun in the fresh air and can't wait to go back!