Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pedal Car Update and Our Day Yesterday

Chad has been clipping right along with the pedal car. On his vacation he started sanding off the paint and spraying a primer on it. Here is how it looks now....

We are so excited. And I decided that we will do the Fire Truck after all. It is just so cool.

Yesterday was Chad's day off which was nice. I worked and he got quite a bit of homework done. The girls were good too letting us get things done. We did have one incident though.

Doesn't she look so sweet? Well I knew was in trouble after all of the "music" I heard coming from her during her nap. She woke up very happy and I rolled her over to pick her up and...
Oh's Chad turn right? Its OK Lyds we still think your cute.
After I finished work we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Millers for swimming! Sophie's new favorite thing to do is take pictures here is some she took on the way...

If anyone wants to book her for a photo shoot just let me know. She works for fruit snacks.

Once we got to the pool we realized it is still too cold. But that didn't stop Sophie...

Chad did brave the water up to his waist and e finally had to take her out since she was shivering. Lydia and I were smart and stayed away.
It was nice to be able to spend time with my parents. Thanks for letting us crash your house Mom and Dad We Love You!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Every Tuesday night I have a statistics class I go to which means the girls get some Daddy time. Sophie LOVES Tuesday nights. She gets excited I have to go to school. Some days she even tells me "Mom you need to go to school now and I go to park with daddy!"  (Should I be happy or sad about this?) But it is nice to be in school and do something besides changing diapers and playing dress up. I am so thankful for my wonderful husband for doing fun things with the girls while I am gone. Here are some pics from yesterday...

As always Lydia is eating her shirt

It was Lydia's first time in the swing. She loved it. Chad said she probably would have sat in it forever but Sophie wanted to do other things. Lydia is getting so big. Last Tuesday she laughed for the first time! I have been trying to get it on video but once she sees the camera all I get is a blank stare. She is also a big talker. She will just sit there and jibber jabber. One Sunday I had to leave Sunday School because she was too loud. She loves anything and everything that she can put in her mouth especially when she gets a hold of her shirt and she always has the biggest smiles.

Sophie amazes me everyday. She is learning so much. She is now close to counting to 20 and can almost sing her ABC's correctly. As Chad says she never shuts up. I guess our girls are just have a lot to say. Sophie is always telling us a story, singing a song, or ordering her sister around. (yes she does it already) Her favorite songs are I Belong To the Church..., Popcorn, Book of Mormon Stories, and who can forget Hail to the King. Even though shes a bit emotional at times those moments of "Mama I need you. Can I have kisses please?" or "Daddy your my friend." or "Love you!" as you walk out the door make it worth it.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Almost Camping

Chad had a little vacation time last week and we wanted to go camping up on Mt. Lemon. But after realizing how cold it was going to be we decided "Almost Camping" would be better. It is nice because you do all the fun things of camping but you get to go home and sleep in a warm bed.
So Friday we headed up for a day of fun. Sophie immediatley found a favorite play area...
We set out for a hike of .7 miles. I know I know you are all amazed by how ambitious we are. Technically it was 1.4 because we had to go back to camp. Although we took a short cut on the way back. So lets just call it 2 yeah....

We came across what we call Happy Face Rock....

It was cold.

We cooked tin foil dinners over coals and made some delicous smores of course. And Sophie kept us entertained with her music conducting skills. 

For some reason the video app doesn't like me so click here to see the video.Sophie Conducts

She thought the posts with the campsite number on them looked just like a podium perfect for conducting music. And she had to do it at every post we came across.

Lydia was a bit cranky having to be bundled up and be held all day ( i know POOR baby). But once we got to Grandma Claytons she was all smiles playing on the floor. Sophie got to "camp" In Grandma and Grandpa's office in her little princess tent. She was so excited to do this that she talked about it all day and before we even got to smores she was telling us that it was getting dark and we need to hurry and get to Grandpa's house!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Loser Status

It's official Chad beat me in our little Basketball Bracket Challenge. Sadly I had a feeling I was going to lose. But I did have a glimmer of hope when for awhile My bracket was doing better than his. But I am still pretty proud of myself because he only won by one point! Ok I know a win is a win but it made me feel better.
So bring on the Date Ideas!!! I love this movie if you have ever seen it they are just like Chad and I. We don't go on dates because were lazy and my favorite moment is when she asks what a flash drive is. So me. "Oh you mean those computer stick thingys?" As Chad promises not to laugh but does anyways.
Hopefully our date will not be like theirs though a little too crazy for my taste but if anyone has any good ideas that would be great!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh Ye of Little Faith

Chad's sister Kimberly posted a challenge on her blog to grow something from a seed. The week Lydia was born Chad and Sophie went for a walk and came home with Barrel Cactus Fruit. Chad was very excited and said we were going to grow a barrel cactus from it.
I didnt think it was going to work and just assumed that those little pots were just going to sit there in the window for nothing. About 2 months later I went over to look at them and probably throw them away when 2 of the 4 pots actually had a baby cactus in it!

It is a little hard to see but it is in the top left of the pot
We are going to try and grow something else too. We arent sure yet but it will be fun!!
Meanwhile I need to work on my faith. Good thing Chad, Sophie, and Lydia had enough for the cactus. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Restoring Memories

I inherited an old metal pedal car from my Grandfather that is a bit rusted and beet up. But I love this little car and was so excited to get it. I remember always playing with it as a kid in my Grandparents driveway. Even when we were too big for it my cousin Brittany and I would get in it and play. I guess a neighboor had given it to my grandparents for all of their grandkids to enjoy.
Chad has been working on restoring it and I have done a lot of research on this little car. While looking at pictures at my mom's the other day we came across this picture...
This is the car about 30 years ago and that is my brother Mike. It was so fun to see a picture of it in good condition! It is missing some pieces that we were not sure what they were like the windshield and the handles on the back. Here is the car now..

It had the wheels and everything but Chad is taking it apart to clean off all the rust. I found a website that sells the original parts we need which is awesome!
After a lot of research I found out that this is one of the most common pedal cars because Murray used this same exact body style for several different types like a fire enigine, speedway car, and a station wagon (which is this one). These were made from 1959 to 1972. We are thinking of making it into the fire truck one because it is really cool! It has a bell and ladders and everything! But part of me wants to restore it to the original with the teal paint. I dont know we will see but this is going to be a project that is going to take many years.

Here are some pics I found of other designs made with the Murray Flat Face body...

Monday, March 21, 2011


Every Friday I take Sophie to a gymnastics gym for preschool open gym. She loves it and we have been going since she was a year old. There are so many things they can do like walk on beams....

Play in a foam pit....
Hang on bars ( i dont know what the correct term is).....

They also have a Trampoline and one of Sophies favorite things to do is forward rolls...

Lydia likes the gym too. She smiles and watches Sophie. She thinks her sister is the greatest even if Sophie is attacking her she just smiles and goos. (We will see how long that lasts)

At the end they have music time and bubbles
And all the kids get stamps at the end. Sophie gets so excited for this. And she is always the first to sit down and get ready for them.
We love going to the gym. It gives Sophie something to look forward to during the week and she has learned a lot. She has been able to jump for a long time now and thanks to Chad she has been doing forward rolls for a long time too. She really wants to jump rope and I have been working with her but I think that will be awhile. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chads Creations

I am the sort of person who goes by the recipe and measures everything. I need a recipe or I feel lost. Chad on the other hand is really good at taking a bunch of ingredients and making something totally delicious! The other night he asked me "Do you think red velvet and pumpkin would taste good together?"  Hmm chocolate and pumpkin.....yes please! Well here it is...
This cake is really really good. It tastes just like my mom's pumpkin cookies and the cake is very moist. And he even said I could share the recipie!
If anyone wants his chocolate chip cookie recipie sorry your out of luck I have to take it to my grave. It took me a year and a lot of telling him "well if you dont give me the recipie then I cant make the cookies for you" And I pretty much had to take a blood oath.
But here is his yummy cakes recipie:

Pumpkin Red Velvet Cake

1 Box Red Velvet Cake mix
4 Eggs
1 Small Can Pumpkin
3 Tbs. Pumpkin Spice
2 Tsp. Cinnamon
1/2 cup Water
2 Tbs Honey
Chocolate Chips

Mix them all together and follow the baking instructions on the box. I just whipped up a cream cheese frosting for the top.

As you can tell we didnt like it at all.... I have decided it is hard staying at home when this is staring at you all day. So I had to have a piece...ok maybe two. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Im Not Ready

These two picture describe my day yesterday perfectly....
Lydia was awesome yesterday! She gooed, she jibber jabbered, she happily ate her hands. Sophie ummm not so much as you can see. Dont get me wrong she was great in the morning, her usual happy go lucky self but when she did not take a nap it just went down hill from there. I still tried to be nice and asked if she wanted to go on a walk and I quickly threw her hair in a pony dare I do that to her!
I wanted to post the video of her here but for some reason it wont let me. If you want to see the video check it out on my facebook.
Here is a link. Hopefully that works. Sophie Video
She kept crying saying "Its not all better!" Meaning her hair. When i would ask her what needed to be fixed she would point to a spot on her head and say "right here" I would proceed to smooth and comb it and then she would point somewhere else. Over and over again. She finally pulled a piece of her hair out of the rubberband and held it up and told me to brush it.
So I was like oh ok she wants me to brush her hair mmore. So I took her hair out of the ponytail meltdown!
After almost an hour of trying to figure out what on Earth was wrong with her hair, and a timeout to get her to calm down, I finally got it out of her that she wanted braids NOT a pony tail. I think I am in for it when shes a teenager and I do not think I will ever be ready.
But the day still had lots of
And moments of...

When her hair was braided properly of course.

What mom? What are you talking about I am a perfect angel.
Uh huh....