Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Broken promises and Poop

I promised myself I would NOT start a blog. After doing what everyone else was doing and getting into Myspace and Facebook I swore up and down that I would not get into blogging. Well now here we are...I kind of like a little word called Rationalization. Because starting a blog would be good because its kind of like a journal...or I am always on the computer since I work from home so this would be an easy way to keep track of all the little things my grls do right? Well it made me feel better so sorry me I am breaking my promise.

Oh man do I wish I was carrying a pair of these the other day. Sophie loves walks and I feel bad becasue a lot of the time we run out of time or life gets busy and the girls and I are stuck in the house sometimes for days. So lately I have been trying to be good about going for walks for Sophie's sake and my sanity's sake.
Sophie went potty and I changed Lydia's diaper and we headed to one of Sophie's favorite parks in our neighboorhood which takes us about 20 minutes to walk there. All was well. We played, we slid, we rocked on horses, Lydia happily ate her hands when all of the sudden Sophie says the dreaded "I have to go potty mom!"  We started back home and she said she didnt have to go anymore so we went back and of course she pooped her pants! At this point she whinning wanting me to carry her but I was holding Lydia and no way was I carrying her. I'm a mean mom and made walk home in it.
Then it happened...it fell out right in the middle of the sidewalk. Really? Seriously? Why me? I had nothing to pick it up with. There was no way I was going to just pick it up and carry it home. Could not kick it into a bush. First of all I was wearing flip flops and secondly it would have been in someones yard! horrible. Sophie keeps saying. "mom we need a towel" So I did what I really Really did not want to do....I walked away! I know so horrible but what could I have done?
No worries I did go back when it was dark to retrieve it. I am sure that looked wierd anyone who saw would be like "Why did that woman just pull over and pick up a piece of poop?" Trust me people a part of me did not want to go back but I just couldn't live with myself knowing I walked away.
Shes lucky I love her so much. But needless to say I will be much more prepared on our next walk...but I think I will avoid that street for awhile just in case anyone saw.


  1. HA! Great story for her dating years;). I've got a few good poop stories on my kids as well...
    Becky Barnes

  2. Good job on your page - Dad loved the pictures. I laughed as hard this time as when you told me the first time. MOM

  3. Yep,
    I am with the other Grandma, I laughed all over again. What a great story! I love your blog, it is well...so Rachel in everyway! I love the pic of the girls at the beginning too...goes right along with the title! Haha...yep it is craziness some days!

  4. What a great story! Thank you for the laugh! I'm glad you are doing a blog. Who cares what anyone else thinks. You'll be glad you kept track of some memories this way, and your kids will thank you and enjoy it so much in years to come!

    Thanks again for the LOL- I think I would have done the exact same thing! :)

  5. ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING!!!!!! Thanks for starting the blog-It's so fun to see what you guys are up to without interrupting your day to call and ask you :)!!