Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Madness

Its that time of year to fill out our brackets for basketball! Last year I lost horribly. I pretty much just guessed and wrote names in or just chose schools that I have heard of. This year its going to be interesting. Chad and I have a bet that whoever loses has to plan a date night. And if anyone knows Chad and I we do not like making decisions even if it is just what are we going to do tonight? We usually just end up watching tv. So here they are...
We had to level the playing field a bit since I know nothing about the teams and how good they are so our strategy this year is to pick the teams based only on the mascots we like. Its kind of funny because we ended up with the same team in the end winning. Dont let us down Pittsburgh!!

Wish me luck!! Hopefully I do well or I may be asking for date ideas.

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  1. Somewhere there is a book here for creative cheap dates...I will be happy to share it with which ever one of you ends up needing it! Is this where I volunteer to watch the cutie-patooties? Or are the grandmas going to have a March madness also for that privilege? LOL