Monday, March 21, 2011


Every Friday I take Sophie to a gymnastics gym for preschool open gym. She loves it and we have been going since she was a year old. There are so many things they can do like walk on beams....

Play in a foam pit....
Hang on bars ( i dont know what the correct term is).....

They also have a Trampoline and one of Sophies favorite things to do is forward rolls...

Lydia likes the gym too. She smiles and watches Sophie. She thinks her sister is the greatest even if Sophie is attacking her she just smiles and goos. (We will see how long that lasts)

At the end they have music time and bubbles
And all the kids get stamps at the end. Sophie gets so excited for this. And she is always the first to sit down and get ready for them.
We love going to the gym. It gives Sophie something to look forward to during the week and she has learned a lot. She has been able to jump for a long time now and thanks to Chad she has been doing forward rolls for a long time too. She really wants to jump rope and I have been working with her but I think that will be awhile. 

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  1. And I just saw her on Saturday...but look at all that hair! Love it! What a cutie