Monday, March 28, 2011

Loser Status

It's official Chad beat me in our little Basketball Bracket Challenge. Sadly I had a feeling I was going to lose. But I did have a glimmer of hope when for awhile My bracket was doing better than his. But I am still pretty proud of myself because he only won by one point! Ok I know a win is a win but it made me feel better.
So bring on the Date Ideas!!! I love this movie if you have ever seen it they are just like Chad and I. We don't go on dates because were lazy and my favorite moment is when she asks what a flash drive is. So me. "Oh you mean those computer stick thingys?" As Chad promises not to laugh but does anyways.
Hopefully our date will not be like theirs though a little too crazy for my taste but if anyone has any good ideas that would be great!!!


  1. You could set up a carnival for him. . .Like he has to play certain games to earn tickets and then with those tickets he can buy his "dinner" So for an example of a game you can set up a bucket or trash can and see how many stuff animals he can make. For every stuffed animal he makes he gets a ticket. (You can set up a bunch of other games) and then when he has played all the games, you then will have a list of things he can "buy" with his tickets. If you want a stay at home date- you could have things like ham and cheese sandwich-10 tickets, pickle-2 tickets, chips 8 tickets, cupcake 14 tickets. . . if you want to go out you could do things like Happy meal 25 tickets, Alfredo from Olive Garden 100 tickets Hope this makes sence. . .your creative I am sure you will come up with something fun. . .Have FUN!!!! Oh!! you could do a minute to win it night. . .they have a bunch on the internet. Or you could go fork someones house, you know like the good ole days, you could do a service make cookies, and heart attack someone you love. . .

  2. I vote the carnival or minute to win it...I volunteer to watch the girls! Sorry you lost, but hey I think one point is VERY good...I would take it