Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Almost Camping

Chad had a little vacation time last week and we wanted to go camping up on Mt. Lemon. But after realizing how cold it was going to be we decided "Almost Camping" would be better. It is nice because you do all the fun things of camping but you get to go home and sleep in a warm bed.
So Friday we headed up for a day of fun. Sophie immediatley found a favorite play area...
We set out for a hike of .7 miles. I know I know you are all amazed by how ambitious we are. Technically it was 1.4 because we had to go back to camp. Although we took a short cut on the way back. So lets just call it 2 miles....um yeah....

We came across what we call Happy Face Rock....

It was cold.

We cooked tin foil dinners over coals and made some delicous smores of course. And Sophie kept us entertained with her music conducting skills. 

For some reason the video app doesn't like me so click here to see the video.Sophie Conducts

She thought the posts with the campsite number on them looked just like a podium perfect for conducting music. And she had to do it at every post we came across.

Lydia was a bit cranky having to be bundled up and be held all day ( i know POOR baby). But once we got to Grandma Claytons she was all smiles playing on the floor. Sophie got to "camp" In Grandma and Grandpa's office in her little princess tent. She was so excited to do this that she talked about it all day and before we even got to smores she was telling us that it was getting dark and we need to hurry and get to Grandpa's house!!!


  1. That was a fun "campout"! It amazes me how different Lydia really looks from Sophie, until you see some of the pics...hmmmm! Sophies is my favorite though, since there was a bit of that going on all afternoon...must have been our two mile hike!

  2. What a fun time!!! Makes me homesick when you guys get to do fun things with mom and dad :)!! Enjoy it enough for all of us!! Miss you guys!