Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh Ye of Little Faith

Chad's sister Kimberly posted a challenge on her blog to grow something from a seed. The week Lydia was born Chad and Sophie went for a walk and came home with Barrel Cactus Fruit. Chad was very excited and said we were going to grow a barrel cactus from it.
I didnt think it was going to work and just assumed that those little pots were just going to sit there in the window for nothing. About 2 months later I went over to look at them and probably throw them away when 2 of the 4 pots actually had a baby cactus in it!

It is a little hard to see but it is in the top left of the pot
We are going to try and grow something else too. We arent sure yet but it will be fun!!
Meanwhile I need to work on my faith. Good thing Chad, Sophie, and Lydia had enough for the cactus. 

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  1. What a cute picture of Chad and the girls!!! I am so excited you are taking my challenge, and also excited about the cactus!!_Good luck!