Thursday, March 10, 2011

A little Obsessed

Sometimes I feel like I live in the show Dora.
Seriousley I sing the songs in my sleep. Sophie talks to me like Dora. For example I laid her down for a nap today. She did not want to go at all. She sat on her bed and cried and reached her hands out to me and said. "Now reach out, grab my hands, and pull pull pull! Louder! Pull pull pull!" And she is doing this crying if you can imagine. (she also does this in time outs). She has a backpack just like dora that she has to wear everywhere and if we forget it, she cries.

She randomly runs up to me puts her hand in my face and says "swiper no swiping!!!" Now I wouldnt mind living in Dora land so much if Sophie's backpack was as cool as Doras. Hers always has everything you need in it. Sophie's not so much. We had her backpack with us when the poop incident happened and it didnt matter how loud I sang "backpack backpack!" No plastic baggy was going to magically appear. And if your wondering no I did not try it.
I dont like how much tv Sophie wathes but since I work it is hard to keep her entertained and still get my work done and keep her quiet so no one hears her on the phone. She can also start shows on her own and pause them so she can go potty. Crazy I know. So on days I do not work I try to keep her away from TV.
But there have been positives of Dora. She has learned to count to 15. She now loves counting and counts everything she sees. So even though I sometimes go crazy in Dora Land at least she is learning.


  1. Now I think that watching you that day with the notorious "poop" would have been funny...but seeing you sing or yell..."backpack, backpack" now that would have been hiliarious! Thanks for the blog help today!

  2. Ask my kids...I would of yelled 'backpack'! And loud. It is the only way to keep things in perspective. And it beats crying. Port and Kenz both know their letters and numbers thanks to my good educational tv friends.Our latest is the instant play leapfrog shows on netflix;I recommend the Amazing Alphabet. Awesome learning the alphabet!Catchy tunes to sleep by(I hear them too).