Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Life Recently

Our family has really enjoyed hiking and have gone out quite a few times. We found some really awesome pamphlets that help you identify cactus, birds, and butterflies which makes it fun too. Easton is doing better but still gets distracted by rocks, holes, dirt,..... But he carries backpack pretty much the whole time.

Sophie is loving school and is doing really well. Ben's Bells is doing a tile mural at her school and one student from each class gets to help make the tiles. Sophie was picked and she was so excited. We took her to the Ben's Bells workshop to paint and Lydia and Easton enjoyed the rain.

Sophie is getting really good and reading and loves to read on her own. She is also extremely excited to have 4 loose teeth (All four front teeth).

Lydia has become obsessed with playing card games. We play for hours while Sophie is at school. Easton and her have become little best buddies and their favorite game is one they made up. The falling game consists of them both sitting side by side on the arm of the couch and then falling. The downside is that Easton has discovered their is an arm to the bench at church.

Easton would love to live in the garage. Every time I go out to change laundry he is right behind me. He walks around and sits on Eleanor happily.

The other day I went back inside to sit the basket down and then went back out to get Easton and found him all relaxed.

He has started talking a lot recently and putting several words together. He has also decided that he is going to call Dad "Pop" we have no idea where he got it from but Chad is now Pop.

For Valentines Day Chad took us all out in Eleanor. The kids were so excited to go for a ride.

We went to Sonic for dinner and enjoyed eating on the tailgate.

Aunt Sarah was awesome and took them for a sleep over Friday night. They had so much fun and Chad and I had a fun date mini golfing!