Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Easton 7 Months and Silly Girls

Easton turned 7 months old on Monday. Seriously where has the time gone?

He is now crawling everywhere and emptying everything he can find. He loves being with his sisters and gets a little frustrated when they run room to room and he can't keep up.

He loves food in general. Anything you give him he will happily inhale including things you don't give him. Like the granola bar Lydia decided to leave on the floor for him. He was really mad when I took it away.

He especially loves baths. All I have to do is turn on the bath water and he comes crawling as fast as he can from wherever he is. He is a big Mommy's boy too. Chad and I went to Phoenix for the day and towards the end Easton was done and just wanted his Mom. I was smothered in Easton kisses when I got home. We slept on the couch for a few nights because he thought I was going to leave him again.

Happy 7 months Easton!

The girls are very particular about their hair. They never want me to do anything with it and it drives me nuts. So I made a rule. Their hair has to be done at least on Sunday. Chad did Sophie's hair and I did Lydia's this last Sunday. Lydia really wanted a Cinderella bun but is never happy with it when I do it because she doesn't have enough hair. She always says it isn't big enough. So after she cried about her bun I put two little buns and told her not to take it out. Which she tried to and got into trouble. Then Sophie comments..."She looks like Shrek." Which of course did not give Lydia confidence in her hair style.

This picture doesn't do it justice but perfectly shows how Lydia felt about her hair.

Before we left for church Lydia was drawing and showed her finished picture to Chad...

We were so impressed because she said it was a Sea Witch and that is exactly what it looks like!

Bedtime at our house usually consists of us telling the girls to go to bed several times. Chad and I are perfectly fine with them not going to sleep right away and talking and reading books on their beds for awhile. But when they try to escape the room several times we draw the line. They have apparently created a new game where they try to escape their room without us noticing and they think it is funny.

On Monday night we had put them to bed and they kept coming out of the room to "sneak passed Daddy" and Chad told them to get back to bed over and over. Finally Sophie tells Lydia: "Oh Lydia it's no use. We're never getting out of here."

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Photo Shoot and Other Things

Last week I did a photo shoot of the kids. Chad needed some updated ones for his desk at work. My dad let me use his awesome camera and the kids cooperated pretty well.

Well Lydia took some bribing and then she was being a cheeseball....

But I finally got a good one of her.

This one is my favorite of all of them but I didn't realize the sun was shining on the camera.

The second round they were done and I only got a few decent ones.

Easton is crawling around everywhere now. He gets into everything in the library at church and especially loves to empty the bucket of colored pencils.

Monday night we put the kids to bed and Sophie started yelling "He's doing something he has never done before!!!!" and sure enough he was trying to escape his crib.

He loves the girls and diligently waited for them to come back inside this morning. He looked like a little puppy watching out the window.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Cops and Rodders Show

We took Eleanor down to the Cops and Rodders show again this year.  Chad helped the girls make new pinewood Derby cars and they were very excited to race them. We also were in charge of our Ward service project at the same time so we divided and conquered. Chad ran the service project and I helped the girls with their race.

Chad worked on making their cars the correct weight and made sure their wheels moved smoothly in hopes they would race better this year. Apparently we can't build pinewood derby cars. Lydia's didn't even make it all the way down the track and Sophie's would stop right before the finish line. But they didn't seem to care. Sophie won Best Looking Car!!!

She was completely thrilled and displays her plaque proudly on her desk. Lydia refused to let me take a picture of her or her car.

Since Chad couldn't be there to vote the girls helped me vote for their favorite cars at the show. Eleanor of course and the rest were mostly purple and pink cars...hmm can't imagine why.

We picked Chad up after to join us and the girls had fun riding some pedal cars...

Lydia really did enjoy it despite her face in the picture. She apparently did not appreciate Chad taking a picture of her.

Easton enjoyed looking at all of the cars too and was such a little trooper among all the craziness. Although he always is. Thank you Mr. Easton!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Playing Visiting Teaching

The other day the girls were playing visiting teaching. I thought it was pretty cute. They each had their own "house" in different bedrooms. Lydia carried her baby in her car seat, grabbed an Ensign, and knocked on Sophie's door. when Sophie opened it she asked "Would you like to learn about Jesus?" And then walked in and proceeded to give her a lesson...

Then she went back home and Sophie came to her house. Right in the middle of her lesson Lydia exclaimed "Oh no I must go! I am so sorry thank you for coming!" and then ran off.  Sophie proceeded to chase her yelling "Hey I am not done with my lesson!"