Friday, November 8, 2013

Cops and Rodders Show

We took Eleanor down to the Cops and Rodders show again this year.  Chad helped the girls make new pinewood Derby cars and they were very excited to race them. We also were in charge of our Ward service project at the same time so we divided and conquered. Chad ran the service project and I helped the girls with their race.

Chad worked on making their cars the correct weight and made sure their wheels moved smoothly in hopes they would race better this year. Apparently we can't build pinewood derby cars. Lydia's didn't even make it all the way down the track and Sophie's would stop right before the finish line. But they didn't seem to care. Sophie won Best Looking Car!!!

She was completely thrilled and displays her plaque proudly on her desk. Lydia refused to let me take a picture of her or her car.

Since Chad couldn't be there to vote the girls helped me vote for their favorite cars at the show. Eleanor of course and the rest were mostly purple and pink cars...hmm can't imagine why.

We picked Chad up after to join us and the girls had fun riding some pedal cars...

Lydia really did enjoy it despite her face in the picture. She apparently did not appreciate Chad taking a picture of her.

Easton enjoyed looking at all of the cars too and was such a little trooper among all the craziness. Although he always is. Thank you Mr. Easton!

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