Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Photo Shoot and Other Things

Last week I did a photo shoot of the kids. Chad needed some updated ones for his desk at work. My dad let me use his awesome camera and the kids cooperated pretty well.

Well Lydia took some bribing and then she was being a cheeseball....

But I finally got a good one of her.

This one is my favorite of all of them but I didn't realize the sun was shining on the camera.

The second round they were done and I only got a few decent ones.

Easton is crawling around everywhere now. He gets into everything in the library at church and especially loves to empty the bucket of colored pencils.

Monday night we put the kids to bed and Sophie started yelling "He's doing something he has never done before!!!!" and sure enough he was trying to escape his crib.

He loves the girls and diligently waited for them to come back inside this morning. He looked like a little puppy watching out the window.

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  1. The pictures turned out so cute! good job...Easton is going to be up and running before you know it! Looks like it is time to lower the mattress....he has grown up way to fast!