Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Presidio Trail

A couple weeks ago we walked the Presidio Trail in Tucson. Grandma and Grandpa Clayton and Sarah and Jackson were able to join us for the fun. We have lived here for ten years and had no clue about it. I heard about it online and it ended up being pretty cool. There is a turquoise line that you follow around downtown Tucson. There are about thirty stops you make to see old buildings, statues and learn about the history of Tucson.

They even had a statue about the Mormon Battalion that came through Tucson. 

One of our first dates Chad took me on  was walking around downtown and we took pictures in this gazebo which ended up being a part of the trail where bands used to play and the stagecoach would pass.

It was fun and the kids seemed to enjoy the walk. Easton passed out at the end.