Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hiking and a Little Drive

The day after Christmas we had to try out the kid's new awesome backpacks. We headed over to Saguaro National Park West and enjoyed hiking a trail there.

The girls did awesome! We went further then we have ever gotten with them before. Apparently they just needed their own backpacks with water they can dink whenever they wanted. New family hobby found!

Easton loved every minute of the hike. He did slow us down a bit as he wanted to throw every rock in sight and play in the dirt.

Chad would keep him going though by chasing him until he found another pile of rocks and dirt to explore.

Sophie, Easton and I hiked about a mile and a half while Lydia wanted to continue with Chad. They hiked over 2 miles and we met them in the car at the end of the trail. I know this doesn't sound very far but with our girls this was a feat indeed.

The next day we headed to the East part of Saguaro National Park this time with Eleanor. We found a 8 mile driving loop through the park. We got all bundled up for the cold ride over.

It ended up being a fun little road to drive with some awesome sights of the desert.

There was a stop where you could climb these large rocks which the kids loved.

Who knew the Saguaro National Park was so cool? We have been driving past a gem all these years. They have a ton of hiking trails we are going to try out too!

We also wanted to try out our new dutch ovens! We invited Sarah over for dinner and cooked both dinner and desert outside.

Apparently rice was a bad idea. Dinner turned out okay but a little crunchy with the not totally done rice. Haha You live and learn. Poor Sarah was probably regretting her decision to come over. But we redeemed ourselves with a yummy pumpkin dump cake. Guess we need to practice some more!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas

About a week ago we heard about the Tucson light parade in town and decided to go check it out. We packed up some hot chocolate and found a spot.

It was a little cold but the parade was awesome! Easton couldn't get enough of all of the trucks pulling the floats and especially liked the race cars that raced down the street. he got really excited over Mater!

The girls loved all the lights and there were some princess floats that they loved too. It was a lot of fun and it ended with an awesome Firetruck that has a driver in the front and back. Chad has always wanted one of these and I'll admit it was pretty cool.

I have lived here 11 years and had no clue this awesome parade happens every year!

On Christmas Eve we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Miller's house and had our traditional dinner on our fancy china. We played a game and heard "Santa's" bells outside and then looked to find surprises on the front porch.

Chad and I got an awesome large enamel teapot for camping! Santa knows us so well!  Chad put together an awesome nativity video for us to watch. He did a great job.

We let the kids open their jammies from Grandma and Grandpa Clayton.

They were excited to wear them for Christmas morning and quickly went to bed. They were excited to wake up to new sleeping bags and hiking backpacks from Santa!

They loved passing out the presents and digging in.

After we met my family for fishing. The kids had to bring their favorite toys with them.

Lydia and Chad were hanging out with their pole in the water when.....she caught the only fish of the day! A rainbow trout.

Uncle Craig helped her release the fish back into the water.

Brianna brought her kayak and gave the girls rides around the lake. They loved it.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sleepover and Happy Birthday Lydia Bugs!

Last Friday Chad and I were invited to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party with some friends in our Ward. It was so much fun! Sarah let me borrow her sweater and we improvised for Chad. He ended up wearing a poncho....Feliz Navidad! Well our tree skirt as a poncho haha.

Sarah was awesome and took our children for the night! They love going to Aunt Sarah's house!

Sunday was Lydia's 4th Birthday! I can hardly believe she is 4 already! She was so excited for her Birthday and was insistent she got to do the same things Sophie did. So on Saturday we went to the mall to play and she shopped at Claires for a new cute headband with her birthday money...Thank you Great Grandpa Miller!

Sunday both Grandma and Grandpa's came over for dinner! Lydia wanted muffins and bananas for dinner....I added a few more items to the menu. Once again she wanted a cake that looked just like Sophie's but purple of course. Oh and chocolate for my little chocolate lover.

She has this Barbie Pearl Princess movie that she is in love with and a few weeks ago she showed me a paper from the DVD that had a Barbie from the movie. She subtlety hinted how much she would LOVE to have that Barbie. Hint taken Lyds.....

And Grandma Clayton made her an adorable overnight bag which she loves! And of course the spinney toothbrush she has been waiting so patiently for.

She is excited to get to go shopping with Grandma Miller too! Happy Birthday Miss Lydia Bugs!!!