Thursday, January 18, 2018

So Far This Year...

Lydia has officially lost her two front teeth. We joked with her that she was too late to ask for them for Christmas.

Since her birthday is in December we usually have very unsuccessful birthday parties since everyone is so busy with Christmas. So we convinced her to wait a month for a party. She decided she wanted to have a movie night with her friends. She loves Descendants 2 and so we bought the movie and her friends came over to watch it together. Her favorite character is Uma who is the daughter of Ursula. We gave her a Uma costume for Christmas and she was excited to wear it!

She asked for Uma themed cupcakes. So she helped me make the white chocolate seashells. Along with snacks for the kids to enjoy.

They had fun watching the movie and Lydia loved having her friends over.

On Martin Luther King Jr Day the kids had school off and Chad didn't have to work so we headed to the Chiricahua National Park. We had a blast hiking and climbing on all the fun rocks.

The kids love doing the Junior Ranger Programs and this one makes number 6! Chad and I love it too because we learn so much more about the park helping the kids complete the activities. William has gotten the oath taking down and raises his right arm obediently.

Yesterday the girl's school had a Sweets with Someone Special event. So the boys and I got to go and have breakfast with the girls at their school. The boys thought it was so cool that they got a donut!

Monday, January 1, 2018


At the ward Christmas party the primary kids sang a beautiful song they learned called “Can I Hold The Baby?” They did a great job. A special visitor walked in when they finished and Easton got so excited I thought he was going to pass out. Santa came! We waited in line and I had to physically hold William back because he wanted Santa so bad. He kept saying “Santa! It’s Santa!” Easton was so excited to sit on his lap and tell him he wanted a trampoline. Sophie would get close to him but did talk to him. And Lydia wanted nothing to do with him.

Lydia's class had a Winter Breakfast for the kids and families. Grandma and Grandpa Clayton were able to come with us.

It was fun to get to see her at school and the boys enjoyed hanging out in her classroom.
Sophie's class had a Grinch party and they also made winter wonderland scenes with candy.

William was so fun this year always talking about Christmas and how Santa was coming. He hung out with his favorite neighbor Joy and enjoyed her Christmas decorations.

On Christmas Eve we went to Grandma and Grandpa Miller's house. I didn't realize until later I forgot to take pictures! We had our delicious dinner on our china and enjoyed a variety of cheesecakes. Brad and Becca drove all the way down from Washington to be with us and it was so fun to spend time with them! We read Luke 2 and did our white stocking tradition. Later we read Twas the Night Before Christmas and heard jingle bells. When the kids checked the door there were gifts and white footprints! The girls got nail polish and nail stickers, Easton got a remote control helicopter ball, and William got the Cootie Bug game. Thank you Santa! (Ahem Grandma and Grandpa Miller)

On Christmas morning Grandma and Grandpa Clayton joined us to open gifts.

Santa brought the kids a trampoline! Which their reaction was quite disappointing considering "The Santas" stayed up until 12:30 setting it up in the dark. But once they got on it we couldn't get them off! They have lived on it ever since.

Grandma and Grandpa Clayton got the kids a basketball hoop! We found them all basketballs in their favorite color and have enjoyed shooting hoops.

Chad was able to take a couple of days off the week after Christmas. Brad's family got the flu and so we didn't get to hang out with them as much as we would of liked, but we did have a girls day and a guys night. The girls went shopping at the mall and we went out to lunch and the boys later went and played at Top Golf. We took the kids on a hike Saturday after Christmas. We enjoyed Giant cinnamon rolls before heading out.

We hiked Miller's creek which isn't too far from our house. The kids were excited the hike started out with cows!

We hiked about 3 miles total and enjoyed climbing rocks and finding walking sticks.

We had a family game night planned for new years eve but alas the flu hit the Hawk so we had to cancel. So we celebrated new years Brazil time and out the kiddos to bed just after 7 pm. Happy New Year!