Friday, April 21, 2017

Happy Birthday Easton!

Easton turned 4 years old on Tuesday! He woke up to streamers, balloons, and a new bike!

We went swimming and played  with Jackson and Gavin and Aunt Sarah.

Then we went to Ace Hardware and enjoyed the train, baby chickens, mini carts and popcorn.

Then we had Grandmas and Grandpas over for dinner and birthday cake. Easton decorated his own cake he was so excited.

He still loves cars, trucks, tractors, Model A's  and pretty much anything with wheels and an engine. His favorite movie is Bolt (thank you Grandma and Grandpa Clayton) and his favorite color has changed from blue to green. He is such a funny kid and his new saying to anything that surprises him or he thinks is cool is "Hooooly Cowwww!" He has gotten really good at riding his scooter and Lydia's bike with training wheels. Now he has his own! He is so sweet and lately been talking about how Jesus has been teaching him how to talk nice and helping him.

We love our Roc! Happy Birthday Easton!

Happy Easter

A few days before Easter we had fun dyeing Easter eggs. They invited their friend Bella over who lives next door.


Every year we have some sort of incident with the blue dye. We thought we dodged it this year the kids did so good staying clean until....Easton accidently spilled the whole cup of blue down his front.

On Easter morning the kids were excited for their baskets.

William was especially excited for the candy. He wanted me to open all of it.

Then we all got ready to go to church and I attempted to get a decent picture of the kids. It is always an interesting experience.

We had my whole family over for dinner and an epic egg hunt.

We had over 400 eggs for the kids to find. They all got a ridiculous amount of candy and it was fun to have the whole family there.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

William Grows Up

So William's hair was getting pretty long and was always a mess in the back.  So I decided it was time to cut his hair. I always prolong the first haircut because they instantly go from baby to kid.

He was so good the whole time and didn't cry at all. And......

BOOM he is all grown up. My handsome boy. Excuse me while I get some tissues.

Famiy Staycation

For spring break Chad took a few days off of work and we enjoyed a staycation. We let each of the kids pick anything they wanted to do in town. Sophie chose to go to the Desert Museum.

We had fun learning more about the desert and seeing some animals. The kids especially liked climbing through the cave.

When we told Easton he could pick anything he wanted he chose to look at big semi trucks. We called Freightliner and luckily the sales person Mike was super nice about our odd request and showed Easton the trucks.

He even let the kids including Chad climb in and Easton got to blow the horn.

Easton was in heaven and Mike told him to save his money and he would see him when he had his license haha. I mean the truck was only $140,000 no big deal.

Then we headed to Picacho Peak to go camping. They all wanted to go camping and Lydia wanted to go to the Ostrich Farm so we decided to do both. We spent two nights there with our trailer.

Chad took the 3 older kids and climbed up a smaller mountain next to our campsite. The first day they made it about halfway up. But the second day they made it to the top!

William and I hung out at the bottom and waved to them. He wasn't very happy to be left behind but he did like playing with all the rocks.

The kids loved finding little caves on the mountain and insisted Chad take a picture every time.

And here is their view from the top. You can see the orange spec of our tent in the distance.

When they all came back down from the top I had dinner ready and Easton was exhausted.  They all slept great that night!

There was a fun little park with some cool swings the kids loved to play at.

There was also a kids cave trail that we hiked a couple of times. The kids thought the cave was lame apparently they thought it was going to be more exciting.

But they were crazy excited to find a baby cave for William.

We went to the Ostrich Farm and fed all the animals. William loved and hated it at the same time. He would like it until the animal would touch him then he would whine and do it again.

We even did a monster truck tour. Which was so much fun. They taught us a lot about the ranch and the desert. They even taught them snake safety and had a dead rattlesnake for everyone to touch. Sophie and Easton would not dare touch it but Lydia happily did and William pretty much wanted to hold the thing. We are in trouble with that kid.

They took us Ostrich Fishing where we hooked oranges to the poles and fed them.

Feed the birds is always fun. William wanted to touch them so bad but was terrified if they touched him.

And their favorite part of all was petting the sting rays!

It took awhile to convince them all to leave they wanted to pet them all day.

We had so much fun on our vacation and can't wait to go camping again!