Friday, April 21, 2017

Happy Easter

A few days before Easter we had fun dyeing Easter eggs. They invited their friend Bella over who lives next door.


Every year we have some sort of incident with the blue dye. We thought we dodged it this year the kids did so good staying clean until....Easton accidently spilled the whole cup of blue down his front.

On Easter morning the kids were excited for their baskets.

William was especially excited for the candy. He wanted me to open all of it.

Then we all got ready to go to church and I attempted to get a decent picture of the kids. It is always an interesting experience.

We had my whole family over for dinner and an epic egg hunt.

We had over 400 eggs for the kids to find. They all got a ridiculous amount of candy and it was fun to have the whole family there.

Happy Easter!

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