Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Easter Dresses and a Little Easter Friend

I know Easter isn't for another month but Grandma and Grandpa Clayton brought the girls their adorable dresses and they could hardly wait to wear them. They even cooperated with me and let me take some pictures....

They of course Love the color! They know our girls well. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Yesterday the girls went to the backyard to play and a little friend followed them into the house...

Either that or Karl chased him in I'm not sure. I came in to the bathroom to find Karl going nuts trying to get something behind the trash can. At first I was terrified that it was a lizard, spider, or scorpion. But luckily it was just this cute little friend. No worries Karl did not get him and we were able to get him back outside.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Bet You Can't Tell

My girls like to pick out their own outfits. I try and intervene when the outfit is just too bad but sometimes my attempts are futile. Last week I had a doctors appointment and the girls got ready to go...

I bet you can't tell what each of their favorite colors are....

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow in Tucson!

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day. My children got to experience what snow is for the first time. When it started snowing they were completely confused on what was going on. Sophie asked if it was rain. My poor deprived Arizona children...

At first they didn't like it at all. I practically had to push Lydia out the door. And Sophie said she didn't like it because it made her cold and wet. But then they just couldn't stay away from it...

And after I taught them how to make snowballs they were hooked.

It snowed most of the afternoon and then melted. Only to snow like crazy again at dinner time. The girls were dying to go outside during dinner. We were feeding the Elders and finally I just threw on their coats and told them to go play.

Hard to believe it was 70 degrees the day before...

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Yesterday we had a good valentines day. We got to watch Jackson for the day and Aunt Sarah brought the girls some fun valentine balloons in the their favorite colors of course...

The girls made some valentine cards for Daddy.

And Sophie spent a lot of time writing her message in the card.

"Happy Valentines Day Sophie" Her E's always crack me up. It doesn't matter how many capital E's I show her and have her count how many lines they have she is insistent she has to draw as many lines as possible.

We also made some pink valentines cupcakes for Dad.

I handed Lydia a handful of heart shaped marshmallows to put on all the cupcakes and she proceeded to put as many as she could on her own cupcake.

Chad came home and brought us each a rose. Even one for Baby Roc...

And he gave me my valentine. A bag of hole punched paper that I had to decode.

This is as far as I have gotten and that is thanks to Chad helping me sort through and organize the numbers. There are 283 of them! All the girls at work gave him a hard time saying I would hate it because they would. But I love it!!! It is fun to slowly see the message and he spent so much time and effort on it! I'll take that over a box of chocolates any day. Pretty much the best husband ever.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Archers

Last week we took the girls out into the desert to shoot their bows. They are definitely getting better at it. Especially Lydia. Usually she shoots it a couple times and is done. But this time she shot longer than Sophie. And she can do it by herself (with us holding the bow of course)

Sophie cracks me up. She always makes a funny face when she pulls the string back. And she is shooting it farther then before.

They still love to go get all of the arrows...especially the one's mom shoots way out in the middle of nowhere.

Then we headed to the park for a picnic. It was a really nice day outside. I guess that's one of the perks of living in the desert. You can still picnic in February.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sonic Date Night

Chad surprised us last night with a trip to Sonic in the station wagon. The girls were excited to take a ride in Eleanor. (Okay so they are always excited to ride in Eleanor).

He definitely knows how to make all his girls happy

We ate in style and set up some chairs and had a tailgate picnic. It was awesome.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Sleepy Girls

The other day the girls decided getting up at 6am sounded like fun. They normally sleep until at least 7:30. I was working and Sophie asked if I could play a game with her. I told her that I would right after I was done working. I still had a few hours left but she insisted she was going to stand next to me till I was done. And next thing I know...

She was out. She did finally lay down on the floor but she slept standing up for quite awhile. Then later that same day Lydia decided to empty all of their hair ties. So I asked her to pick them up and she was happily doing it when it got really quiet....

Apparently 6 is a little too early.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Purple My Favorite Color!

Lydia is pretty set about her favorite color. The girl is obsessed with purple. Everything has to be purple. When I ask her what she would like for lunch she answers "purple!" Everything she wears has to have something purple. Which is a little difficult since Sophie was obsessed with pink...so we have a lot of pink clothes.

For her 1st birthday she went shopping with Grandma Miller and picked out a green Leapfrog dog that sings. You could hook it up to your computer and make it say her name and sing her favorite songs. I couldn't get it to work so I just left it as it was figuring she didnt know it could do that anyways. But then she discovered her cousin Jackson had the same one and it said his name and sang Twinkle Little Star...so I had to figure out how to make her dog do that.

I couldn't get it to connect to my computer for the life of me....so I contacted Leapfrog thinking they probably wouldn't do anything since we have had it so long. But they were awesome and gave me some tips to try and get it to work...nothing. So they said they would send me out another one! Out of curiosity I asked if it would be possible to get it in......


Purple!! I officially love Leapfrog they are awesome. And Lydia has no complaints. Her purple dog says her name and sings Twinkle Little Star...Win!