Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Sleepy Girls

The other day the girls decided getting up at 6am sounded like fun. They normally sleep until at least 7:30. I was working and Sophie asked if I could play a game with her. I told her that I would right after I was done working. I still had a few hours left but she insisted she was going to stand next to me till I was done. And next thing I know...

She was out. She did finally lay down on the floor but she slept standing up for quite awhile. Then later that same day Lydia decided to empty all of their hair ties. So I asked her to pick them up and she was happily doing it when it got really quiet....

Apparently 6 is a little too early.


  1. Hey Rachel--What do u do to work from home?

  2. That is so cute and so funny. 6 is way too early:)