Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Easter Dresses and a Little Easter Friend

I know Easter isn't for another month but Grandma and Grandpa Clayton brought the girls their adorable dresses and they could hardly wait to wear them. They even cooperated with me and let me take some pictures....

They of course Love the color! They know our girls well. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Yesterday the girls went to the backyard to play and a little friend followed them into the house...

Either that or Karl chased him in I'm not sure. I came in to the bathroom to find Karl going nuts trying to get something behind the trash can. At first I was terrified that it was a lizard, spider, or scorpion. But luckily it was just this cute little friend. No worries Karl did not get him and we were able to get him back outside.

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  1. Oh what a cute bunny!!! I love the dresses too!! I can't believe they already have easter dresses out. . .Maybe I haven't been looking, but I don't think they have dresses out yet. . .I guess Easter is coming quick. . .I need to get on the ball!!