Friday, February 1, 2013

Purple My Favorite Color!

Lydia is pretty set about her favorite color. The girl is obsessed with purple. Everything has to be purple. When I ask her what she would like for lunch she answers "purple!" Everything she wears has to have something purple. Which is a little difficult since Sophie was obsessed with we have a lot of pink clothes.

For her 1st birthday she went shopping with Grandma Miller and picked out a green Leapfrog dog that sings. You could hook it up to your computer and make it say her name and sing her favorite songs. I couldn't get it to work so I just left it as it was figuring she didnt know it could do that anyways. But then she discovered her cousin Jackson had the same one and it said his name and sang Twinkle Little I had to figure out how to make her dog do that.

I couldn't get it to connect to my computer for the life of I contacted Leapfrog thinking they probably wouldn't do anything since we have had it so long. But they were awesome and gave me some tips to try and get it to work...nothing. So they said they would send me out another one! Out of curiosity I asked if it would be possible to get it in......


Purple!! I officially love Leapfrog they are awesome. And Lydia has no complaints. Her purple dog says her name and sings Twinkle Little Star...Win!

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