Monday, January 28, 2013

Blessing Bags

It happens quite often that we pass someone on the side of the road that is homeless and hungry. I always feel bad because I have nothing to give them and never carry cash. Chad came up with an idea of keeping food and water in our car so we were always prepared. So the girls got busy and put together some blessing bags...

We just put some oranges, granola bars, and peanut butter crackers in small bags. And I also picked up some of those mini water bottles. They fit perfectly in the glove compartment of our van so we are always prepared.

Sophie is always on a mission to find "hungry people" now. I tell her to look for people who are holding a sign because that will tell us if they need help. We have given a few away and Sophie got really excited to see their sign. She tells me "Mom! their sign says I'M HUNGRY!!" After we give the food to them Sophie and Lydia get so excited because we made someone happy. Sophie says "aww look Mom he's happy."

It took Lydia a little bit to understand what the snacks were really for. She used to ask for one and Sophie would say "No Lydia those are for hungry people!" and Lydia would respond..."I'm hungry!"

But she has gotten it down now.


  1. You are so good to be always thinking of others!

  2. Rachel that is the best idea and what a wonderful lesson for you girls to look back on as they get older. You guys are great!!!