Wednesday, July 25, 2018

End of Summer

In the beginning of the month Kimberly and the kids came and it was so much fun to spend time with them! We got to all go to the temple and Chad and my anniversary. We also went to the zoo for mud day. Parker and Easton were the only ones that braved the mud. The rest of the kids did not want to get dirty.

We rode the downtown trolley. William would say "choo choo!" the whole time. 

We painted at Ben's Bells and enjoyed some delicious pastries at a cute little bakery.

We went camping on Mt Lemon and enjoyed the cooler weather! And we had to visit the Cookie Cabin.

We went on a hike on the Butterfly trail which is the trail Chad and I hiked the day he proposed.

We had to take a picture of the rock we stopped and hung out on that day.

For Fourth of July we watched fireworks, enjoyed the parade, and did sparklers. At the parade Chad gave Smokey the Bear a bug hug.

It was sad when they had to go and then the kids started school! Summer went by so fast, but Easton was so excited to finally start school. 

He did so good on his first day. In fact he didn't even care that he was leaving me. I had to practically beg him for at least a high five before I left.

And every day he skips into the school. We are sad summer is over but the kids are loving school!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Family Vacation Adventure

We decided to try a new destination for our family vacation. Our kids love completing junior ranger programs at national and state parks. We discovered the San Padre Island National Seashore in Texas that releases baby sea turtles and we were in! We hoped in the car for the furthest trip our teardrop trailer has ever taken. Not long into the ride William announced that he had farted "Mom! Mom! I farted for Yoooooouuu!" And this began our adventure.

We drove as far as we could get and tried something new......all of us sleeping in the van at a truck stop. The kids voted that we not do that again. Then we stopped in San Antonio and played at the children's museum. It was so fun!

We Stayed a few nights in Corpus Christi and the kids fell in love with a very friendly cat they affectionately named Mittens. He visited each evening for the kids to pet him.

Bright and early Sunday morning there was a sea turtle hatch-ling release! We enjoyed a beautiful sunrise and got to watch the adorable baby sea turtles crawl out to sea!

The next morning we packed up to head to our campsite on the island. Completely excited for my kids to have a beach experience I told them "Let's get our swimsuits on!" Then began the POURING RAIN. So what do you do when your up for an adventure, its pouring, and you have your swimsuits on? You stop and take a picture of the cool store with the shark because your 5 year old wants to of course!

Once we got to our campsite the rain had cleared and it was a beautiful day! We played in the most amazing, perfectly moist, softness sand I have ever felt!

The water was perfectly warm and we had a blast! That night the rain began again. But this time with some serious wind. Thankfully we didn't set up a tent and had the kids sleep in the van. The trailer rocked all night from the 60 mph winds and our pour neighbors had to evacuate in the middle of the night as their tent wasn't holding up. Chad helped them and came back to the trailer looking like he had jumped into the ocean. In the chaos their was a man in a swimsuit and a headlamp casually walking to the restroom as if it was a sunny day. We decided he was one smart guy since we had multiple outfits and towels wet. We proceeded to just stay in our swimsuits after that point.

Morning finally came and it was another beautiful day at the beach!

The kids completed their Junior Ranger and cleaned up a lot of trash off of the beach!

Then that night was round 2 for the storm. This mini hurricane was relentless and when we woke up it was still going! Chad was wet as the trailer just couldn't withstand all the water and we looked at each other and decided we just couldn't do another night. So as we learned from the smart gentleman we put our swimsuits on and took down camp in the rain. It was sad to leave the beach but with no end of rain in sight we headed for dryer land...back to San Antonio.

On the way we stopped at a Sealife Rescue Center. It was so fun to get up close to the beautiful animals!

In San Antonio we experienced the downtown river walk which was so cool!!

We even found the restaurant area that was on our favorite TV show Random Acts!

We even took a boat ride and learned so much about the rich history of all the buildings and trees.

We visited a really cool fire museum. The kids enjoyed a puppet show and seeing all the cool trucks.

We enjoyed the pool at the hotel.

On the way home we stopped at Cascade Caverns and toured the cave.

We had an adventurous vacation!