Tuesday, May 10, 2016

William 5 Months, Easton Grown Up, and Lydia's a Graduate

Our little William is 5 months old now. I feel like the past couple of months have flown by. Can we slow down a little?

He loves to play and is getting good at rolling both ways now. Although going from his tummy to back takes a little more work for him so he gets frustrated.

He has started eating solid foods. He loves green beans and carrots and oddly enough doesn't get very excited over fruits like applesauce and pears.

He adores his siblings and they are quite lucky he forgives easily.

I had to run him to the ER because we thought Sophie might have broken his leg. He was playing on the floor and Sophie fell off of the couch and her knee landed straight on it. We have never seen him scream like that before. Sophie was in tears and after he flirted with all the nurses they determined all was well.

He absolutely loves baths and kicks like crazy spilling half the water out of the tub.

We love our happy baby!

Easton is finally potty trained! Chad bribed him with a new semi truck toy if he would do it and this kid just started going like he has been doing it his whole life. He has had very little accidents and was so proud of himself for filling up his sticker chart!

Lydia has been going to Joy School with her friend Addyson. They have had so much fun and a few nights ago they graduated!  Lydia kept saying all day that it was her coronation day! Funny girl.

They performed a song and cheer and did such a good job. Then they marched around with their family flags.

It was so fun and the girls did a great job. Now she is off to Kindergarten!