Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sophie is in Kindergarten!

Monday was Sophie's first day of Kindergarten! She was completely excited and I was completely nervous haha. She did have a moment of panic the week before because she was afraid she wouldn't know where to go. But once she knew I was going to be with her to help her find her classroom and line up the first day she was nothing but excited. The fact she got to go shopping for a backpack helped too. she just loves to shop. We gave her a budget and told her she had to get a backpack and lunch box but if she had any extra money she could get something else. She was determined to get new shoes and compared prices like crazy and got her shoes!

 The week before we met her teacher Mrs. Malm.

On the first day she jumped out of bed and was dressed and ready to go hours before school started.

She did so good lining up with her class and had no problem with me leaving. I on the other hand had a much harder time and teared up.

After school she was all smiles and loved it! She did say that the one thing she doesn't like about school is that she has to sit on the ground outside for snack time and it gets her outfit dirty.

Lydia did surprisingly well with it all too. She had no problem giving Sophie a hug and leaving and she actually cried when I told her we needed to go pick her up from school. Apparently Lydia is enjoying the alone time with Mom and Easton.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fourth of July Camping Trip

For the Fourth of July weekend we got to go camping on Mt. Lemon! Sierra is in Girl Scouts and Brad and Becca reserved a cabin at their camp for the family! IT was a lot of fun spending time together. On Friday there was a parade through Summerhaven. we were able to be in with the Girl Scouts.

Brianna, Sophie and Sierra had their hair done to look like a star.

Right when the parade started it started to rain.....then pour. Luckily we found some garbage bags in our bags to cover Easton and Lydia. And the Girls Scouts had a tarp to protect the guitars.

We hung out at the cabin quite a bit Saturday since it rained a lot. A bunch of our group were on a four mile hike when it poured down on them. We played games in the cabin and enjoyed hot chocolate.

They had a bunch of activities on Saturday for us to do. The kids had fun dancing and doing crafts.

The girls especially loved making their own candles.

We also did some team building exercises. We had to fit everyone on this wood box. Poor mike ended up hurting himself pretty bad as the box tipped with him trying to get on it and he rolled with the box. We really thought this thing was anchored to the ground.

We had to help each other climb over a ten foot wall.

And we had to get everyone on this balancing seesaw and keep it balanced the entire time. It was a little difficult with all the little kids but we did pretty good.

Then we did archery which the kids really liked. At the end of our session it once again poured and hailed on us and we had to run to the lodge. We had so much fun spending time on the mountain. Even with all the rain it was awesome!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

California Trip Part 3

The last day together we all headed to Monterey and visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

There were bat rays you could touch. One came right up to Sophie but I couldn't convince her to touch it. Sadly it wasn't there long and the rest hung out in the back of the tank.

They had some seaweed and crabs you could touch too.

The kids liked to play area too where they could play in "tide pools"

The jelly fish area was awesome too.

After we walked to a Mexican restaurant for lunch that my parents went to on their honeymoon. It was right on the beach and the kids enjoyed watching seals while they waited for their food. Then we drove to Pebble Beach and climbed on rocks and checked out the tide pools. The girls loved finding sea shells and brought a bunch home.

On Friday our family headed to San Diego so Chad and I could take turns  going to the Sand Diego Temple. We got caught in a lot of traffic and it took us a lot longer than we thought to get there, but it was well worth it! The Temple is gorgeous!

The kids did really good in the car except for a few well umm moments of Easton's high pitched screaming. But we made it home safe and the girls are already talking about wanting to go back to the ocean.

California Vacation Part 2

On Wednesday we had a fun beach day. Our kids have never seen the ocean before and it was all they talked about leading up to vacation. They loved playing in the waves! Easton especially wanted to just run into the ocean.

They were excited to play on the beach all day...

The men went boogie boarding... and there were about four seals that were very interested in them and watched them catch waves. I couldn't get a good picture of them though.

Easton loved playing in the sand and then splashing in the waves.

On Thursday we went to the Happy Hollow Zoo. They really enjoyed feeding the goats...

They had some fun rides and the kids especially loved the roller coaster.

Easton found a alligator statue to climb on and didn't want to leave it. Grandpa Miller took some cute pictures.

After the zoo we met with Great Grandpa Miller and took him to lunch. And spent some time at his house after to visit. He gave the kids some bird whistles that he would give my siblings and I when we were kids. It was funny that he still had some left. The girls made him Father's day cards but I couldn't get Lydia to take a picture with him. She has decided she is camera shy.

Then the guys headed back Santa Cruz and fished off of the pier. They caught some little fish and Chad caught two at a time. Luke accidentally snagged a seagull and they had to rescue it. Luckily it flew away just fine. Grandpa and Grandpa Miller were nice enough to let us stay the night in the trailer. The girls are still talking that they want to do that again.