Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Chad had a 4 day weekend which was really nice before our crazy summer begins. He was even able to get off early from work Friday which rarely ever happens. So he has pretty much finished our water system in our backyard! He also has been working a bit more on our little pedal car. We have had fun shopping, swimming, and doing some projects.We were also able to go to the zoo with friends who we are so very sad are moving in like a week.

Awhile ago Chad's parents were nice enough to offer us their sandbox. We finally went over Saturday to get it. Sophie was so excited! Now there is actually something for her to do in our backyard....

Sophie had just flung sand in my eyes. Thats what I get for trying to provide shade.

Lydia was excited to. At first I had just put her feet in but she was trying so hard to get down. So we dug a little hole to help her sit and she went to town...

She really was excited...but that is Lyds face all the time. Playing in the sand is serious business.

As always Sophie hates me taking pictures of her so this is the best I got unless I wanted more sand in my eyes...

Thanks Mom and Dad!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some Growth

We have lost half of our crop this year...Our lettuce never came up and a pot of zucchini shriveled up in the hot Arizona sun.

But after moving our garden to a more shadier spot our watermelon and other pot of zucchini seem pretty happy!

On another note I made my first English Trifle the other day!
It didn't quite taste like my mom's though. I learned that you can't skimp on the custard and use flan it just isn't the same. And next time I think I will just buy the pound cake because I think I cooked it too long. It wasn't as moist. But hey that means I just get to practice more right?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Am I Turtely Enough for the Turtle Club?

I have been thinking a lot lately about my schooling and how long its taken me. I remember my Senior year being so excited because I was accepted to the U of A and they gave me a $2,000 scholarship. But I had to pay for school on my own and that just wouldn't cover it. They had a deal in Arizona that if you excelled in the three subjects on the state AIMS tests (reading, writing , and math) you would get a full ride scholarship to any state university. I knocked out and excelled in math and reading my first try. But after retaking the writing twice I didn't get it. Apparently they don't like my essays.

I remember going home and just crying because I knew there was no way I could afford U of A. There was no way I was going to take out loans I have seen what they do to people. I had a teacher that was still trying to pay them off after 15 years. I knew it was going to take me forever to get through school since I would have to work until I had enough money. My dad gave me a big hug and told me that it doesn't matter how long it takes me as long as I finish. He reminded me of the turtle and the hare story.

After applying to several scholarships to no avail. I finally found a job that would reimburse me for my schooling. But then everyone in Tucson was laid off. Awesome. So Chad and I have ended up paying for all of my college expenses. And finally after 5 years I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Well uh the Associates tunnel. This fall I will officially have my AA in Business Administration and be ready to transfer to NAU online next year.

I still can't believe it took me THAT long. But Chad always tells me "yeah but you also got married and had two kids in that time" I know but I feel like I am a turtle trying to run through peanut butter!

At this rate it will be another 5 years until I am done. See you when I am 29 Bachelor's Degree....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sacrament Meetings

So this picture describes our family's Sacrament Meeting experiences lately....
Sophie has always been so good. She waits until after the Sacrament is passed to ask for books and snacks, sits quietly, and sings songs with us. We have never had to take Sophie out EVER. Lydia is a totally different story. Apparently all my brother's wishes for a hard baby has come true.

She only lasts about 10 minutes before she gets wiggly and grumpy. Chad passes the Sacrament so I jiggle and distract as much as possible to keep her quiet. Oh how I wish she would take a pacifier. Sophie is usually great but lately she doesn't listen quite as well. By the time Chad sits with us Lydia is beyond done. I feed her right before church so she isn't hungry. But she is very content when we take her out to the hall.

This last Sunday I was singing in the choir and Chad had Lydia in the hallway and I had Sophie. I explained to Sophie that I was going to get up to sing and she needed to stay here and I would be back. She said ok. When I went up I looked back and Chad came in. So I thought oh good that worked. But in the middle of singing I looked down and he was gone and a nice lady in our ward was holding Sophie.

I guess Lydia started screaming and Chad got up to take her out. Sophie stood up on the bench and yelled "Daddy wait for me!" Then proceeded to do her pout that would turn into a total emotional breakdown at any moment.

So I think we are going to try some new tactics and pray that this is just a phase. Any suggestions would be great.

Monday, May 23, 2011

First Swim

Saturday Chad and I went to the temple and my parents watched the girls for us. We figured it would be a good day to go since it was the day the world was apparently supposed to end. Once we got back we decided to go swimming since we were all still alive.

So Sophie and I have gone swimming a couple times already but we have been waiting until Chad could be there for Lydia's first time.

I was curious to see her reaction to the pool since she loves baths so much and gets so excited to get in the bath and hates getting out. I thought she would be totally excited...

That is face she had for the first 10 minutes, no reaction. She did eventually get into it and started kicking and doing her little squeal. She had a lot of fun and probably would have stayed in there forever but she got cold.

Sophie has gotten braver in the pool. At first she wanted me to hold her all the time but now she goes all over the pool by herself with her floaty.
We finally had to force her out of the pool. She was shivering and had blue lips. We would tell her that it was time to get out because she was getting cold and she would say "no I'm not!" through chattering teeth.
It was a fun day and we are so grateful for our parents who are always so willing to watch our little monsters for us.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Once Upon a Time...

Sophie loves to read. She will empty her bookshelf everyday and read and do puzzles. She gets so excited to read to Lydia. She tells me "Mom I read Lydia a story it make her happy"
I love it too Sophie. She is so sweet with her baby sister (most of the time) and is always taking care of her and making sure she is ok. Many times Sophie will come to me while Lydia is crying and says "Mom Lydia is sad she needs you"

She will read stories over and over to Lydia and they go like this:

"Lydia once upon a time it was a beautiful day."

"Once upon a time there was a bus."

Then she will continue turning pages and saying Once upon a time there was a...whatever is on that page..

On the last page of course she says

"And they lived Happily Ever After! Was that a good story Lydia. You like that? You want to read another one? ok! Once upon a time it was a beautiful day...."

Even though Sophie has her emotional moments and believe me they happen a lot. She still makes me smile. The other day Chad gave me a hug and she says "aw happily ever after..."

Or last night I was clipping her fingernails and was going to paint them and she says "Wait not yet mom I need to pick my nose first!"

In the middle of the night last night she was crying and calling my name. When I went in there she told me that there were monsters. I asked her where and she informed me that they hid when I came in. I explained to her that monsters were not real they were just in the movies but they were nice like Mike and Sulley. She didn't seemed convinced. When I asked her what she thought we should do she said we needed magic wands. So we got our color pencils and said bibbity bibbity! And poof! They were gone and one happy two year old went back to sleep.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Sugar Bee Crafts is doing a giveaway for a gift card to Hapari Swimwear. I have been wanting a new swimsuit but they are so expensive so I figure what the hay I will enter the giveaway. Wish me luck!


Lets Go Fly a Kite!

Lets go fly a kite....
Up to the highest height and send it soaring?....
Up through the atmosphere. Up where the air is clear...um up kite up!!!
FYI trying to fly a kite while holding a baby and taking a picture doesn't work well....
Let the two year old show you how its done...
Both Sophie and Chad got them pretty high

We found the USA kite at the dollar store and it is perfect for Sophie since it is light. She loved being able to fly it all by herself. Chad had her try the bigger kite and it started to pull her around which she did not like.

She sang "Lets go fly a kite over and over" We have tried several times to fly a kite with her with no success. They didn't get very high but at least they were in the air this time! Even Lydia liked it she giggled and would get all excited and kick her legs

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lydia 5 Months

Lydia turned 5 months old on Saturday
Lydia is trying to grow up too fast. She tries so hard to crawl and is really close to sitting up on her own. She can scoot a little bit but mostly she just rolls everywhere!
Her favorite things lately:

-Eating new foods
-Wagon rides with Daddy
-Seeing other babies
-Playing with Sophie even when she gets smashed she still thinks its fun.

She is pretty serious most of the time...

But then she will randomly flash those dimples..

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Some Sewing Projects

Last Saturday I went to a my friend Brittany's baby shower. She is having a little boy. I wanted to sew something because it has been awhile since I have pulled out my machine. So I decided to make necktie onsies. I love these little onsies and if we ever have a boy I am going to make a whole bunch of them.

They were so easy to make (as long as you don't fight with your sewing machine like I did).

Chad had a good idea to take an old skirt that I don't fit into anymore and make skirts for the girls...

It seemed easy enough the pattern was just a rectangle. But since the skirt was rounded it was harder than we thought and we spent a good 2 hours just trying to figure out how to get a rectangle out of a c shaped fabric. We were trying to get it done so the girls could wear them to church the next day.

We finally just made a paper pattern (well Chad did) and laid it down and cut it out. They are easy skirts to make and I started to sew away. I got Sophie's almost finished and I was getting Lidia's ready to sew together and the machine quit on us. So sad. They didn't get to wear them Sunday but we did finish them up Tuesday with  the help of Chad's mom and her machine!

The blog said it would be the easiest skirt I would ever sew but it turned into the most time consuming skirt ever. It would have been much faster if we weren't using a old skirt and our machine didn't decide to quit but overall I think they are pretty cute! So they get to wear them this Sunday!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"This is Funny Honey"

Yesterday Chad went in for a Endoscope. He has had upper abdominal pain for 4 years but just deals with it because he does not like going to the doctor. It has been getting worse lately and after a lot of convincing we talked him into going in to the doctor. We were really hoping that they find something so that he doesn't have to be in pain anymore. My wonderful mother got up early and came to our house to watch the girls since Sophie was still asleep.
After the procedure was over they called me in to see Chad. I was curious on how he would act because I had heard stories about how my dad and father-in-law acted after theirs. A lot of asking the same questions and saying "that nurse was so nice" over and over. Chad is already a funny guy so I had a feeling it was going to be hilarious.

He had just woke up and he was siting there giggling. "This is funny honey hahaha Lets do this again" He said this several times. And then he pointed at the main desk and laughs "honey that is soo funny" "honey hold me I need to be held."

He told me 3 times how nice nurses and tech was and all of their names. Although on the third time he did say "I told you that didn't I?" Yes Honey that's okay. "You should tell your mommy thank you for watching the girls that was very nice honey" No problem I will.

The nurse told him she was going to close the curtain so he could put his shirt back on he replied "Yeah not everyone is ready to see all this manliness!" At this point I am in tears laughing so hard.

He proceeded to make sure certain body parts were still um attached...."whew" What are you doing Honey? He replied "You never know. You know you hear all these crazy stories of things getting taken off when your out" And what would they do with it? "You know sell it on the black market! hahahaha"

The Doctor comes in and tells us everything is normal. Chad tells him "that's not good doc." We really wanted them to find something. Not everything looks perfect we have no idea whats wrong with you. They did take a biopsy so we will See in 10 days.

I asked Chad if he wants more water and he replied "yeah i want more watdgdhu.." He corrects himself "water" and jokingly I say yes aqua. he says "Honey don't make fun of me that's not funny" Oops a minute ago everything was funny maybe its wearing off. He starts laughing again and tells the nurse that they need to paint all the hallways a different color people could get lost in here. She tells they are one is white another is blue. "ohh ok hahahaha" Nope hasn't wore off.

Once we got in to car he was pretty much back to normal correcting my driving. (I was driving his car which is a stick shift) and he even gave me directions home because I just get lost. We probably would have made it home eventually it would have just taken longer. He joked with me that he was the one all drugged up but was helping me drive.

We went to his parent's house and worked on some projects. He did really good and in 10 days hopefully we will know more.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Wonderful Mothers Day

Mothers Day was great. On Saturday Chad took us out to dinner to Panda Express yum! He couldn't wait until Sunday so he and the girls gave me my present early....

I am sooo excited to have a trifle bowl!!! I see English Trifle in our future!! It is funny because I had no idea what he had got me and we had actually talked about how I wanted a trifle bowl a few days before he went shopping. Apparently I am clueless. They made me a cute card....

My favorite is the note. It says: "We love you. You're the best mother money can buy. Good thing we got you for such a great price. I used a "I'm good looking coupon." We all love you. Chad, Sophie, and Lydia" Definatley a "Chad" note. That's why I love him :)

Lydia only got up once to eat and we both slept in till 9 o'clock while Chad got up and played with Sophie! I can't even remember the last time I slept in that late and it felt great. Especially after two nights of very little sleep.

Chad made my favorite breakfast. Breakfast burritos. Yummy! And he took Lydia to Priesthood so I could enjoy Relief Society! I have a pretty amazing Husband.
And two wonderful little girls.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some more backyard progress

After doing the planter bed last week we really got excited about our backyard. And we realized to do all of the planter boxes that we wanted wasn't going to be as expensive as we thought. Thanks to Home Depot. We had been looking at some blocks at Lowes for a long time that were similar to the ones we ending getting at Home depot but they were more than a dollar more expensive. I guess I can't be as loyal to Lowes now Home Depot really did save us a lot of money. So yesterday we got some more bricks!
My wonderful husband got one done last night and the other before he went to work today...

We bought some soil that ended up being more expensive at Lowes so they gave us 10% off of Home depots price! Our Zucchini and Pumpkins and sprouted and I was going to take a picture yesterday but then I realized I had forgotten to water them the day before so they look really sad. Hopefully they will survive they kind of have a forgetful "farmer."

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where did Sophie go?

Lately Sophie doesn't want me to go lay her down for a nap. She just gives me a kiss in the office and then runs into her room herself. It has made nap time less of a fight. Yesterday she went to take a nap. She was sleeping longer than usual so I peeked in to check on her.

She wasn't in bed...

She wasn't in her castle....

Slightly worried I started to look around the house. She wasn't there. Panicked I ran to her bedroom window thinking that someone had broken in and kidnapped her. ( I know I have seen way too many Law and Order and CSI shows). Everything looked fine. With light now shining in the room I turned around and...

Why didn't I think of looking there?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chad's Wagon

Last year for Chad's birthday he wanted a red wagon. I did some research but the one he really wanted was like 300 dollars. Sorry but that wasn't going to happen. So we went to Lowes and found a really cool garden cart. It is much sturdier than the red one and it can hold 1,000 pounds. Thanks to both of our parent's birthday money and a coupon plus it was on sale Chad was able get it. We Love this wagon it is perfect to pull the kids around in. Chad and I even take turns riding in it.
A week before Lydia was born I even had Chad and Sophie sit in the wagon and I pulled it around the neighborhhod in hopes of going into labor. We got some funny looks but it didn't work.

My awesome Mother in Law made some really cute pillows (sorry Chad I mean manly, cool pillows.) and a pad to sit on. It makes it SO nice and the girls love riding in it.

It usually gets taken to the "big park" every Tuesday when I go to school. Sophie always talks about taking the wagon with Daddy. Normally she wont let me take the wagon because it's daddy's. But the other day she said it was ok....

Now all we need is to make a canopy for it.