Friday, August 31, 2018

August Fun

August 3rd was Great Grandpa Miller's 92nd birthday. We celebrated with him and enjoyed cookies and balloons.

The kids have had fun playing with our neighbor Bella. They are always trying to hurry and get their homework done so they can play.

One night the kids wanted to sleep in a fort. So Chad made one big enough for all of them to enjoy.

The girls have been enjoying doing sewing lessons with Grandma Clayton. Lydia just finished an adorable elephant!

We started a furniture business a few months ago flipping thrift store furniture and have been having fun! William is always happy to be my model...

This cute kid has also decided on his own that he is a big kid! He woke up one morning and said he needed to go potty. He has done this multiple times before randomly but has never wanted to continue. After he went he wouldn't let me put his diaper back on. So i just let him and he never looked back! He has only had a handful of accidents and I never have to ask him to go he tells me. He even stays dry at night! That's my kind of potty training!