Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy New Years

On New Years Day we woke up to a little bit of snow!

We thought about taking the kids up the mountain to play in the snow but decided it would probably be crazy so we went on a hike instead. Easton would stop at every single patch of snow.

The kids had fun making as many snowballs as they could in the little patches of snow around.

Then we made it to a point on the trail with a tall cliff...and there was a bunch of snow! The kids were so excited and we had to have a snowball fight! Easton picked up on this game quickly and would get two inches from you before throwing it at your legs.

We had to tear Easton away from the snow. His hands were bright red but he didn't care.

A few days later we took the kids to Home Depot to build little wooden sleds.

We hung out at the store for a bit until it warmed up a little and then went on another hike! The girls loved finding baby saguaros under trees and looking for wildlife through their binoculars.  We love our new family hobby!