Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Im Not Ready

These two picture describe my day yesterday perfectly....
Lydia was awesome yesterday! She gooed, she jibber jabbered, she happily ate her hands. Sophie ummm not so much as you can see. Dont get me wrong she was great in the morning, her usual happy go lucky self but when she did not take a nap it just went down hill from there. I still tried to be nice and asked if she wanted to go on a walk and I quickly threw her hair in a pony dare I do that to her!
I wanted to post the video of her here but for some reason it wont let me. If you want to see the video check it out on my facebook.
Here is a link. Hopefully that works. Sophie Video
She kept crying saying "Its not all better!" Meaning her hair. When i would ask her what needed to be fixed she would point to a spot on her head and say "right here" I would proceed to smooth and comb it and then she would point somewhere else. Over and over again. She finally pulled a piece of her hair out of the rubberband and held it up and told me to brush it.
So I was like oh ok she wants me to brush her hair mmore. So I took her hair out of the ponytail meltdown!
After almost an hour of trying to figure out what on Earth was wrong with her hair, and a timeout to get her to calm down, I finally got it out of her that she wanted braids NOT a pony tail. I think I am in for it when shes a teenager and I do not think I will ever be ready.
But the day still had lots of
And moments of...

When her hair was braided properly of course.

What mom? What are you talking about I am a perfect angel.
Uh huh....


  1. LOL! I guess the girls are helping with your everyday something to post about.... That Lydia is a doll when she smiles (she is a cutie when she doesn't too). I love that she has dimples on both sides of her little face! I guess if the girls are going to look like your side of the family the dimples are our trademark. Glad you had Lydia to make your day a bit more pleasant...and well Sophie is just being a two year old...

  2. Oh what a cutie. So i love your background it is the same one I had forever.

  3. Wow!!! you've posted a lot!!! I forgot to add you to my list so I wasn't seeing your updates!! YOu are so funny to read!! I love to hear about what you and the girls are doing!! so Fun!! MIss you guys