Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Every Tuesday night I have a statistics class I go to which means the girls get some Daddy time. Sophie LOVES Tuesday nights. She gets excited I have to go to school. Some days she even tells me "Mom you need to go to school now and I go to park with daddy!"  (Should I be happy or sad about this?) But it is nice to be in school and do something besides changing diapers and playing dress up. I am so thankful for my wonderful husband for doing fun things with the girls while I am gone. Here are some pics from yesterday...

As always Lydia is eating her shirt

It was Lydia's first time in the swing. She loved it. Chad said she probably would have sat in it forever but Sophie wanted to do other things. Lydia is getting so big. Last Tuesday she laughed for the first time! I have been trying to get it on video but once she sees the camera all I get is a blank stare. She is also a big talker. She will just sit there and jibber jabber. One Sunday I had to leave Sunday School because she was too loud. She loves anything and everything that she can put in her mouth especially when she gets a hold of her shirt and she always has the biggest smiles.

Sophie amazes me everyday. She is learning so much. She is now close to counting to 20 and can almost sing her ABC's correctly. As Chad says she never shuts up. I guess our girls are just have a lot to say. Sophie is always telling us a story, singing a song, or ordering her sister around. (yes she does it already) Her favorite songs are I Belong To the Church..., Popcorn, Book of Mormon Stories, and who can forget Hail to the King. Even though shes a bit emotional at times those moments of "Mama I need you. Can I have kisses please?" or "Daddy your my friend." or "Love you!" as you walk out the door make it worth it.

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  1. Daddy time is the best!! Especially for mommies ;) Lydia is so big!!, and Sophie is talking so much, I watched the movie on facebook!! so cute!!