Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas is in the Garage!

So the night after thanksgiving Sophie came to me all excited. "Mom can we put up Christmas? Its in the garage!!" She has been waiting all year for Christmas. She was in tears as I took the Christmas tree last year and put it in the garage. But now she is one happy girl.
Sophie just loved putting all of the ornaments on the tree. Lydia was much more interested in taking off the ornaments and trying to put them on as necklaces or eating them...

Sophie loved putting all the decorations out and was wondering why there wasn't more. She set up her nativity all by herself...

I thought it was so cute how she placed everyone....
I am sure this is how it really was. All of them circled around in awe at Baby Jesus who would atone for all of our sins. Instead of the usual half circle. I think this is my favorite nativity this year.


  1. Well of course! Given the chance wouldn't we all stand in a big circle and be in awe! I love it too!

  2. It makes me want to go and rearrange all of my nativities!!! Funny thing, these kids have it right. I remember earlier this week as I was unwrapping all the sets, the girls arranged them in circles before handing them to me to put in my china hutch! Thank goodness for these special spirits who help keep us focused in the right direction!!!