Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter Baskets

My Grandpa Miller built our Easter baskets when we were kids and my Mom, being the talented woman she is, painted them all cute. She also did hundreds of these and sold them back in the day. I have always loved my Easter Basket. As you can tell it has been well loved. I am not sure how many times I had to re-glue the left ear back on.

I really wanted my girls to have one too. So my wonderful Husband and Father in Law built the baskets for me! woohoo!

I took them to my Mom's and she helped me paint them. Here they are....

Chad of course needed a BSU Bunny with blue turf.

My wonderful Mother in Law did the vinyl names for us so I didn't have to paint them. Thank goodness.
But I think they turned out pretty cute and hopefully my girls enjoy them as much as I did.


  1. Oh so cute! I love them, even the BSU one. It just fits in the feminine world. Great job on the painting Rachel and Vicki, obviously that talent is in your genes!

  2. Those are AWESOME. Dallin saw the paint on Tricia's counter and asked to see the baskets. Now I can show him. Great Job.