Monday, July 2, 2012

5 Years

Saturday was our 5 year anniversary! Its funny it doesnt seem like it has been that long.

We celebrated in the morning by taking the girls to see Brave.

It was such a cute movie and the girls were so good in the theater! Lydia was totally focused on the movie the whole time. I'll admit we were a bit nervous taking her. But they loved it and it was fun!

Then we had a water gun fight around the house...

The girls ambused Grandma and Grandpa Clayton with water when they came over to watch the girls for us while we went to dinner. We stuffed ourselves at Oreganos which was delicious and fell in love with pizza cookies. We discussed how I needed a hobby and after several ideas I got really excited about ping pong! I know I am random...

We headed over to Sports Authority and got everything we needed to transform our kitchen table into a ping pong table! What can I say my husband loves me :)

We put the girls to bed and had a 2 hour ping pong tournament. It was pretty awesome. Seriously I am the luckiest girl ever and we have the rest of eternity to be together :)

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