Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Last month during fast and testimony meeting Sophie told us that she wanted to go up and bear her testimony. We told her that we would let her practice during family home evening and then she could go up next month. I printed some pictures of Christ, the Temple, the Prophet and things like that and taped them to her fingers to remind her on what she could bear her testimony on. I would point to one picture and ask her what do you know about this? She did great and has such a sweet testimony.

Then we went on vacation and hadn't practiced at all. This last Sunday during testimonies Sophie looked at me all excited and asked "Mom are they bearing their testimonies!?" I told her they were and she immediately replied "I want to too! But we didn't bring my finger stickers." I explained she couldn't use the stickers. I was a bit nervous because when I asked her to tell me it then she couldn't remember how to start it. So we did a quick crash course and headed up.

She started out great! She said "I would like to bear my testimony. I know this Church is true...." Then she blanked she kept looking at me and I kept smiling and saying keep going. She would at her fingers then at me. I finally whispered to her "end it like a prayer" She paused for quite awhile between every word but ended with an excited "Amen!" She was too cute and I was proud of her for being brave and doing it.

The Bishop got up after to close and thanked her for reminding us to slow down because sometimes we bear our testimonies too quickly. She was so excited and I will be sure to help her practice before next month.

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  1. That is so great! It is hard for them to remember. When Ty-kell bore his testimony he was doing great and then he said "I know Jesus loves me because I haven't been a good boy". Way to go Sophie! I would love to hear you bear your testimony.